7 annoying mistakes I made as a JS developer! ⚠️


Do you want to get a high-paying job as quickly as possible? From the very start of your career, to establish yourself as a promising specialist? Then check out my experience and don’t make these mistakes.

1. Grab onto everything at once

Novice programmers often start learning several languages, frameworks, and other technologies at once. But this is a very stupid strategy, because as a result you will get superficial and intermittent knowledge. It is much better to focus on one area and put all your energy into that area alone. 

The most important thing is to get a good understanding of the basics, which are pretty much the same in all languages. Then in the future it will be easier for you to add new skills to this base. So in the first step, choose one programming language for yourself and master it thoroughly. In doing so, remember that there are no good or bad languages: each has its own task and has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

2. Don’t follow a specific direction

If you do not immediately set clear goals for yourself and set a vector of development, the study of programming will be ineffective. Do not think that thanks to the “magic” weekly courses you will be able to delve into all the intricacies of the chosen profession – they may promise so, but it is not realistic. Maximum – you will learn the basics of syntax, but you will not have the slightest idea how the knowledge gained can be applied in practice.

The approach should be different: take one direction and build a solid base. Do you want to become a web developer? Excellent! But don’t try to jump straight into frameworks, libraries, and additional languages ​​- only learn Javascript. Everything else – later, as needed.

3. Don’t plan

Development is not limited to knowledge of the syntax of languages. Programs need to be designed, and this takes a very long time. And the larger the amount of work to be done, the more careful planning should be. 

But there is no need to go to extremes and start creating a detailed plan this very minute. Here, as in physical exercise: it is important to observe the measure, because “over” can do harm in the same way as “under”. 

Conclusion: when creating a software project, do not get hung up on small details, because unaccounted points will certainly come up in the process, which means that it will not be possible to describe everything at once.

4. Poor code quality

The biggest evil in a programmer’s job is incomprehensible code. You yourself will cease to understand him in a week, let alone the people who will have to support him in the future. Technologies are changing very quickly, so you have to constantly maintain (modify, modify, improve) programs. And if the code is of poor quality, young specialists will definitely not be able to cope with this task. When creating software, always set yourself the task of making it easy to read and maintain.

5. Neglecting a valuable assistant like Google

Surely you have already understood how much time and nerves you can save by simply immediately contacting Google for help. Most of the problems you will encounter are not new, and someone has already solved them. This means that on the Internet you can always find a valuable tip or get full help. But do not forget that technology does not stand still, so the methods you find may be outdated and not the most effective. However, in any case, your best friend will always be a search engine, like Dr. Watson for the legendary Sherlock Holmes.

6. Refusal to debug programs

The oversight is not fatal, but quite serious. Moreover, ignoring debugging is a sin for most novice programmers. To insure yourself against errors in the code, be sure to use the tools built into the coding environment, or third-party libraries, online services, etc. Do not be lazy, because this is an important development stage.

7. Do not monitor your health!

Rest is necessary for the whole body: both the brain and the eyes, and the back from constant sitting. But when we are completely immersed in the process, we often forget about our needs, which can lead to undesirable results. Health is the most important thing we have, and it is very foolish to put it at risk. Take regular breaks to go for a walk, have a cup of coffee, talk to friends, or do a couple of physical exercises, and only then, with a fresh mind, return to work. 


Conquering any industry from scratch is not easy. Especially if there has never been a similar experience. You may be confused, not sure where to start or where to go. But remember that everyone around them also once started, they also made mistakes and doubted their abilities. Don’t be overwhelmed by insecurities and fears. It’s okay to be a beginner and learn. At the initial stage, you cannot compare yourself with established professionals. In any case, there are no perfect specialists. There will always be someone better, more educated, more experienced. Do not envy such people, but be inspired and take an example from them. You are already ahead of those who never started doing anything. Therefore, now just do not stop learning, including from other people’s mistakes.

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