10 incredible modern technologies that will change the history of mankind

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What was once considered incredible is gradually entering our lives. We have all seen fantastic films in which robots interact with people, but before we could not even think that they would become our assistants!

Now many people willingly buy a robot for their home – they help with the housework or in other matters. But modern technology is not limited to robots alone, and is constantly evolving.

Take a look at this selection and see that a fantastic future is just around the corner .

10. Robot companion

Personal robots are already something that humans can use. But Jimbo is more than just a stationary loudspeaker with indicator lights.

If you watched the cartoon about The Valley, then you must remember that Eve was there. So the robot looks like her – it moves and expresses emotions. Jimbo dances, laughs, comes if you call him. He can become a real companion!

Of course, Jimbo has a little more to learn, but he could soon be a part of any family’s life.

9. Glasses for the blind

Powerful glasses will help blind people see. When a person puts on the most powerful eSight 3 glasses, the device records video. It is transformed through various algorithms into what a blind person can see.

Technology cannot help completely blind people, but it can help those with very low vision. And soon a person will be able to feel full in society.

A poorly seeing person will be able to watch TV, read a book without harm to health.

8. Sneakers for fast running

Sometimes an athlete needs help – for example, with the Futurecraft 4D sneakers from Adidas, everyone can move faster. The secret of this invention is quite simple – the midsole of the model is made using 3D printing and is selected for each individual individually – in shape, flexibility, size, etc.

The future, when the sole will be printed right in the store for everyone, is coming soon. And now the series is sold with soles.

7. Exoskeleton that helps paralyzed people move

Soon those who have used walkers will forget about them. Each paralyzed person will have their own physiotherapist! With paralysis of all limbs, a person, of course, cannot move, but with an exoskeleton, the problem is solved – he can stand up, walk, move. Now about 3,000 patients are learning to control the exoskeleton at Ekso Bionics.

What’s interesting: the device helps not only the paralyzed, but also those who need help doing physical work. In Korea, for example, workers are already using this technology to work faster.

6. Robot surgeon

We are used to being treated by doctors when we arrive at the hospital. But right at this moment, somewhere the operation is being performed by a robot, not a human! DaVinchi company is engaged in the production of equipment that helps to carry out accurate operations, in addition, it can be done even over long distances.

The surgeon is now being trained not only to work with a scalpel, but also to operate a robot. Robots are also being improved so that the movements are exactly the same as if the operation was performed by a doctor.

5. Unmanned vehicles

Who has never thought that it would be great to get into a car and drive without driving it ?! The invention of machines at one time was a real technological breakthrough, but apparently, revolutionary changes await humanity. So far, we are not talking about flying cars, but about a device equipped with automatic control.

Already, such cars are being tested, and talk about them is becoming more and more popular. Those who dreamed of attending parties and drinking alcohol at them, but refrained from drinking, because you cannot drive drunk – can rejoice!

4. Meat from a test tube

Vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular – people understand the harm they are doing to the planet and do not want to harm animals.

Vegetarians can rejoice! Scientists managed to come up with a method that allows you to create meat right in the laboratory. In addition to the fact that it cuts down on the energy and resources that are usually spent on raising an animal, but also such meat is no different from the real, and even more useful.

Another plus is that a lot of space will be freed up on Earth, which was occupied by livestock farms.

3. Bullet transport

The world is constantly expanding, every minute something new appears … The pace of a modern person is growing, and sometimes he needs a faster movement.

Elon Musk’s hyperloop is a giant steel pipe stretched above the ground, a vacuum train. The project promises that travel along it will be so fast that the usual 6-hour journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco can be shortened and spent on travel in just 30 minutes.

This train is a real revolution in land transport.

2. Vertical trusses

To prevent humanity from needing healthy and fresh food, scientists decided to team up with farmers to create innovative farming. This method differs from the traditional one in that the plants are grown indoors and space is saved.

Thanks to this innovation, people will be able to grow food on their own – in cities. If they don’t, they will be able to buy fresh food in stores, no matter what time of year.

People who care about their diet will definitely appreciate this idea.

1. Internet from a balloon

It’s hard to believe, but still not all inhabitants of our planet have the Internet. Four billion people do not have it. Internet companies are constantly thinking about how to make the Internet available anywhere in the world.

One interesting idea came up – to launch balloons into the atmosphere that would deliver the Internet to those areas where it is difficult to get it.

This project will help people in developing countries get to know the world around them better and try to find the highest paying jobs.

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