Top 10 cleanest seas in the world

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In the first place in terms of transparency is the Atlantic Ocean (at a depth of 66 meters, the water is blue and clear). The second place belongs to Tikhiy (62 meters). The Indian Ocean (50 meters) closes the top three. Since the seas are parts of the World Ocean, respectively, the composition of their water is the same.

Initially, seawater is crystal clear, if people did not violate the ecology, it would remain so. But, unfortunately, the planet’s nature is being polluted today. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: the cleanest seas in the world are gradually turning into huge reservoirs with muddy water.

10. the Andaman Sea

Andaman sea

On the tenth line in the ranking of the cleanest seas in the world, the Andaman Sea is located, its water is crystal. It is part of the Indian Ocean, the coasts of the Indochina and Malacca peninsulas are washed by the waters of this sea. Occupied area – 605 thousand sq. km. Named after the ancient god Andaman, who was worshiped by the Malaysians.

Life underwater is extraordinary here, an incredible number of marine life have been seen. The sea is rich in living fauna. More than four hundred species of fish have been recorded, reef and even volatile species are found. There are sailboats, other rare and endangered species: for example, Irrawaddy dolphins, sea cows – sirens.

9. Philippine Sea

Philippine sea

The Philippine Sea is the ninth cleanest seas on the planet. Belongs to the Pacific Ocean. The area of ​​this sea is 5726 thousand square meters. km. The value is slightly less than Sargassov. A distinctive feature is that the boundaries of the seashore are not clearly marked. These waters wash the coasts of the islands: Taiwan, Philippines, and Japanese.

The water is not too salty. The underwater world is quite diverse. It is a world famous whale habitat. Therefore, fishing is developed here, and fishermen also hunt for whales.

8. the Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea

The eighth is the Arabian Sea. In ancient times it was called differently: Oman, Green, Persian, Sindhu Sea, and others. Refers to the Indian Ocean. The depth of the sea is about 6 thousand meters, and the area of ​​”Arabian” waters is about 4 thousand square meters. km. The cleanest water is off the coast of the Maldives.

The uninhabited coast of Astola Island is incredibly popular with ecotourists, as the water here is the most transparent. The swimming season is open all year round, in summer the water temperature is on average plus 27 degrees, and in winter it is not lower than plus 22 degrees.

7. the White Sea

White Sea

The White Sea is the seventh on the list of the cleanest sea areas. Its waters are considered the purest in Russia. Belonging to the Arctic Ocean. Popular name: “The Bay of Serpents”, which is inspired by the fact that the sea coast is a bizarre shape.

The area of ​​the occupied water area is over 90 thousand square meters. km. The deepest place is 343 m. The water is cool, the average value is only plus 16 degrees. In cold weather, the water temperature drops below zero, to minus 1.7 degrees. For most of the year, the sea is covered with a thick layer of ice, the thickness of the ice shell in some places reaches 1.5 m.

6. the Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea

The sixth cleanest seas in the world are the Mediterranean. It is part of the Atlantic Ocean. The clarity of the water varies in some places. The cleanest water area off the coast of Greece, where the water is blue and crystal clear. Italian or Spanish coastal waters are much dirtier.

Despite the imposition of a fine on Spain for violating the environment, pollution of seawater continues. Fortunately, this has not yet affected the number of representatives of the fauna living in the sea. The underwater world is extremely rich here. The Mediterranean waters are home to 550 different fish species.

5. Cretan Sea

Cretan Sea

The Cretan Sea ranks fifth in our top, it is one of the cleanest seas in the world. It is part of the Mediterranean. Also borders the Aegean. Washes the shores of the islands of Crete and the Cyclades.

The unreal beauty and livability of the northern coast of Crete attract a huge number of tourists. It is not for nothing that local sandy beaches have been awarded the “Blue Flag of Europe” for their incredible cleanliness. The local salt waters are famous for their crystal clearness and transparency.

4. the Red Sea

Red sea

The fourth position is occupied by the Red Sea. It is the saltiest and warmest sea in the world. The temperature of clear water is plus 30 degrees on average … An unprecedented saturation of sea waters with salt – 42 percent! The uniqueness of the sea is that freshwaters do not feed it: there are no tributaries. There are no more such seas on the planet. The reason for this name is the abundance of algae and corals that cover the seabed, because of them the water is reddish. The color of the coastal rocks is also brownish-red. This is the most beautiful sea on the planet.

The unusual landscape and amazing underwater beauty attract a considerable number of travelers here every year. Underwater, in thickets of coral reefs, various species of fish and marine mammals live. Green turtles, dolphins. Who can you not meet here! Unfortunately, now the ecology is not what it used to be, as people act unwisely: for example, they dump the garbage. As a result, the water becomes polluted.

3. the Sargasso Sea

Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso Sea is in the top three. The sea coast has no distinct outlines. The depth is 7 thousand meters. The exclusivity is not only in the fact that the water is unusually clear. The water area is seven million square meters. km, six of which are occupied by marine plants with an interesting name: “sargassum”.

The famous Christopher Columbus was struck by the sheer amount of vegetation in the sea when he discovered it. The great navigator stated that it looked like “a jar filled with seaweed.”

The local underwater world is rich and varied. There are crabs, sea turtles, and other representatives of the fauna. All kinds of marine fish are found in the warm sea. Even in winter, the water temperature does not drop below 26 degrees above zero. Now the ecological situation has worsened, a lot of human waste floats in the water.

2. the Dead Sea

Dead Sea

On the second line of the ranking of the cleanest seas in the world – the Dead Sea. It is the saltiest on the planet, but at the same time, it is the purest. Its area is 810 sq. km. The shores of Israel and Jordan are washed by sea waters. The clarity of the water is ensured by the increased salt content. This is the reason for the lack of marine fauna. In such conditions, no organism will survive, even bacteria are not found here.

This is an amazing sea! The strength of the salt solution is such that it will not be possible to drown in the “dead” waters, even with all the desire. But this water has incredible healing properties. The stream of tourists on the coast is endless, it is believed that with the help of sea bathing you can improve your health.

1. the Weddell Sea

Weddell Sea

The Weddell Sea is rightfully placed in the first place and is considered the cleanest sea in the world. The name was given to the part of the English navigator James Weddell, who discovered it, making an expedition in 1923. No sea in the world can compare with it in transparency. At a depth of 79 meters, the water will be as crystal clear as on the surface. Only distilled water is cleaner.

The depth is 6 thousand meters, and the area of ​​the water area is 2,910 thousand square meters. m. Despite the fact that this sea is southern, it is the coldest in the world. In winter, the seawater temperature drops to minus two degrees. This is probably why it is so clean and unclouded. For most of the year, the sea is covered with 2 meters of ice!

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