Top 10 most poisonous animals in the world

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Our planet is inhabited by different animals. Some of them are deadly to humans. It’s not just about large predators, whose fangs and claws are a clear threat. There are very small creatures capable of killing dozens of people with one bite. They have special glands that produce powerful poisons. It describes fish, spiders, frogs, snakes, and jellyfish, which are considered the most poisonous creatures on the planet and can easily take the life of an unwary person. The article presents a ranking of the ten most venomous animals in the world.

10. Stingray


These seemingly harmless creatures live in warm seas and kill more than 2 thousand people every year. Stingrays are not aggressive and rarely attack people. Those themselves step on them since the animals are invisible and almost merge with the seabed. They hunt in shallow water, burrowing in sand or silt. The objects of their food are small crabs, shrimps. The stingray freezes and waits for a suitable animal to approach the required distance.

The body of this fish ends with a long, thin tail with a deadly spike. In adults, the length of the string reaches 50 cm. There are many sharp notches on its surface. The thorn leaves a deep and large wound. Poison containing dozens of toxic substances immediately gets there. At first, a person feels a dull pain. Then he starts having spasms, convulsions, dizziness, and paralysis of the limbs. This can lead to a quick and painful death.

9. Blue-ringed octopus

Blue-ringed octopus

A cephalopod mollusk that lives in coastal Pacific waters. It is small in size and is one of the most poisonous and dangerous animals on the planet. The beautiful and peculiar creature is distinguished by its aggressive character and has earned the nickname “dwarf killer”. Thousands of people die because of it every year.

The salivary glands of this octopus contain the strongest organic poison. It is produced by special bacteria. When the substance enters the bloodstream, it paralyzes the nervous system in a few minutes. A person’s breathing stops, the musculoskeletal system fails, then the heart stops, death occurs.

8. Pufferfish

Puffer fish

This traditional Japanese delicacy is popular with lovers of exotic dishes. But it is better not to meet this fish in the water. After all, the fugu is considered one of the most poisonous creatures on the planet. From head to tail, its body is covered with numerous sharp spines, replacing the usual scales. They contain a strong poison. When a fish senses danger, it swells and spreads its spines.

The poison is also found on the skin and liver of the fish. That is why for its preparation you need to have a great experience and a special certificate. A small dose of this substance is enough to kill 40 people. It works very quickly and paralyzes the muscles. This leads to respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest. A person dies from a lack of oxygen.

7. Brazilian wandering spider

Brazilian wandering spider

The homeland of these arthropods is South America. But they often end up on other continents when transporting fruit. They are considered the most poisonous and dangerous in the world. Since 2010, they have been included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most dangerous representatives of their kind.

The venom of these spiders contains a high concentration of a toxin that has a specific effect on nerve cells. Once in the body, it causes muscle paralysis, heart failure, respiratory arrest, and suffocation. There is an effective antidote against the toxin, so the number of deaths is low.

6. Pointing frog

Tree frog

A small frog of beautiful and bright colors is one of the purely most dangerous animals. She lives in tropical forests. The entire skin of an amphibian is covered with poisonous glands. They emit a highly toxic substance that is dangerous to humans. The lack of a protein form makes it one of the most powerful poisons.

Once on the skin, the toxin easily passes through the protective cover and is absorbed into the blood. It spreads rapidly throughout the body, causing paralysis and death. There is no effective antidote; people die in agony. Therefore, it is best not to touch the cute frogs.

5. Golden frog

Golden frog

Colombia, Panama and other South American countries are home to one of the most venomous animals on Earth. A bright and beautiful frog is much more dangerous than a poison dart frog. Her skin is also covered with poisonous glands that produce highly toxic substances. Their concentration is so high that the amphibian should not be touched at all.

The frog’s glands secrete alkaloids that easily penetrate the skin, enter the bloodstream, and spread throughout the body. A person almost immediately experiences severe arrhythmia, weakness, dizziness. The toxin inhibits nervous activity, causes heart failure, paralysis and rapid death.

4. Taipan

Taipan snake

Australia is home to the world’s most venomous snake of the asp family. One bite of her contains so many highly toxic substances that they would be enough for the fatal poisoning of several dozen people. There is an antidote, but it must be administered within half an hour. If time is lost, it is no longer possible to save the victim.

People die as a result of paralysis of the respiratory system from suffocation – an extremely painful, albeit quick death. Fortunately, these reptiles are rare. They are not aggressive and try to avoid people. Snakes attack only if they cannot escape from imminent danger. People themselves climb to them. They become victims of asps only because of their curiosity or carelessness.

3. Scorpio Leiurus

Scorpio Leiurus

The desert and dry regions of Turkey and North Africa are home to one of the most venomous arachnids on the planet. The scorpion hides under rocks and in small crevices, tracking down suitable prey. If a person is nearby, he sharply throws forward his tail with a bent needle. At its end, there are holes through which poison is fed.

It is a mixture of powerful toxins. The body temperature rises sharply in the stung, the limbs grow numb, and an unbearable burning pain appears. If the antidote is not administered immediately, the victim dies from anaphylactic shock and pulmonary edema.

2. King cobra

King Cobra

One of the most dangerous and poisonous creatures on the planet. Lives in tropical forests of India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia. Lives about 30 years. Adults reach up to 4-5 m in length. The king cobra is the largest of the venomous snakes. She swims well and often attacks in the water.

One bite of this snake can kill 20 people. Penetrating into the blood, the poison quickly spreads throughout the body. It blocks muscle contractions. The victim dies from suffocation resulting from paralysis of the respiratory muscles. The king cobra can adjust the dosage of its venom based on the size of the victim.

1. Cubomedusa or sea wasp

Box jellyfish or sea wasp

The first place among the most poisonous animals in the world is the jellyfish, also called the “sea wasp”. It lives in the tropical waters of Australia and Indonesia. It has very long tentacles that are studded with stinging cells. They contain the strongest poisons known. Its toxicity is so high that an adult dies almost immediately after a burn.

A potent toxin has multiple effects. It affects the skin and nervous system, causing excruciating pain. Death comes from a heart attack. There is an antidote, but doctors rarely manage to use it. The victim drowns before reaching the shore. This jellyfish is the most poisonous creature on the planet.

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