Top 10 most beautiful places on planet Earth

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Our Earth is a wonderful and unique planet. There are many beautiful and mysterious places on it that delight travelers. Our list will introduce you to such unusual corners of the world and will give you the opportunity to see the most beautiful places on planet Earth, which everyone dreams of visiting.

10. Great Blue Hole (Belize)

Great Blue Hole (Belize)

In the country of Belize (Central America), in the middle of the Lighthouse coral reef, there is a Big Blue (blue) hole. For the first time, the French ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau told the world about the presence of this depression in the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists have made a study of this mysterious place. The depth of the depression is 120 meters, the diameter is more than 300 meters.

At a depth of 70 meters, an arch was discovered leading to the cave complex underwater. This beautiful deep space like a magnet attracts divers from different parts of the planet. Diving is an unsafe activity, but this does not stop extreme lovers. Although some of the divers remained forever in the bottomless abyss of the Great Blue Hole.

9. Fly Geyser (USA)

Fly Geyser (USA)

Fly Geyser is located in Nevada (USA). In fact, this is not a geyser, but a thermal spring, moreover, man-made. From a well drilled at the beginning of the 20th century, a fountain of hot water once broke through. Now there are already three fountains in the geyser. Their height reaches 1.5 meters. And the total height, together with the bizarre heights from which they hit, is about 3.5 meters.

The view of the Fly Geyser is impressive. The feeling that you are on another planet – the landscape in the middle of the desert is simply unearthly. The natural, rock-like heights of the geyser are painted in wonderful colors and shades due to the minerals dissolved in the water. Every year the height of the “gushing rocks” becomes more and more.

8. Crystal River (Columbia)

Crystal River (Columbia)

A river of extraordinary beauty flows in Colombia, which makes it one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It has several names: Crystal, Rainbow, River of five colors. The length of the river is 100 km, the width is about 20 m. The river is fed by rainwater and mountain streams, there is practically no fish in it.

The river changes color depending on the weather and the season. In it, you can distinguish a variety of colors: yellow and green, black and red, blue and blue. This abundance of flowers is due to the presence of many algae, which are transformed by the sun’s rays.

7. Bend of the Colorado River (USA)

Colorado River bend

n the USA, in the state of Arizona, there is an amazingly beautiful place – the bend of the Colorado River. The river surrounds the rock with a water surface in the shape of a symmetrical horseshoe. Due to its scenic beauty, beauty, and proximity to civilization, this place is very popular with tourists. But it should be noted that not only lovers of beautiful views come to “Podkova”, but also people who are already tired of everything. It is here that people from all over the state of Arizona rush to take their own lives.

6. Arizona Wave (USA)

Arizona Wave (USA)

The Arizona Wave is a sandy rock formation of amazing beauty. It is located in the state of Arizona (USA). “Artist Nature” 190 million years ago began its creation, rain and wind gradually turned this education into a work of art.

But seeing the miracle of nature is not so easy. Sandstone is a very fragile material, frequent visits, and many tourists can destroy it, therefore there is a quota for visits – no more than 20 people per day. Only the lucky ones can get here by winning a ticket to the lottery.

5. Cave of huge crystals (Mexico)

Cave of Huge Crystals (Mexico)

In the state of Chihuahua (Mexico) is the Cave of Huge Crystals. It is located 300 meters below the urban settlement of Nike. The uniqueness of this place is that the intertwining of giant crystals was discovered there. The largest of them is over 11 meters long, 4 meters in diameter, and weighs 55 tons.

Selenite crystals began their formation about 500 thousand years ago. The cave had ideal conditions for this – one hundred percent humidity and constant temperature (58 ° C). The wonderful crystal cave was discovered in 2000 by miners.

4. Salar de Uyuni salt flat (Bolivia)

Salar de Uyuni salt flat (Bolivia)

One of the most beautiful places on the planet is the Salar de Uyuni salt marsh – a dry salt lake. A wonderful place is located in Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca. The endless ocean of snow-white salt creates a feeling of unreality, especially when after the rain the surface of the lake reflects the endless sky. The horizon is not visible, the sky and the earth merge into a single whole. Many tourists come to see this fantastic sight.

3. Lake Kliluk (Canada)

Lake Kliluk (Canada)

Canadian Lake Kliluk is a “spotted” lake. It is located next to the town of Osoyoos and borders the United States. The extraordinary body of water is a surreal sight. On the whole plane of the lake, there are spots of irregular rounded shape, reminiscent of stone tiles.

The water in the reservoir is rich in various minerals, which crystallize when the temperature rises. And therefore, solid areas of a dried salt surface are formed between the spots of water. The variety of colors is also explained by the presence of different mineral salts.

2. Enchanted Well (Brazil)

Enchanted Well (Brazil)

The enchanted well is a landmark in the Brazilian state of Bahia. It is located in a deep 80-meter cave. The depth of the reservoir itself is about 37 meters. With a thoughtful and attentive survey of the well, you can see tree trunks lying at the bottom for many centuries. And the cave itself, together with the reservoir, seems to be a bottomless formation and acquires a mesmerizing appearance, playing with a bluish unreal light. Such a colorful spectacle is explained by the perfectly clear water and the refraction of the light falling into the cave.

1. Marble caves (Chile)

Marble Caves (Chile)

The Marble Caves are one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. They are located in the Patagonian Andes (border of Chile and Argentina) in a very deep lake. Locals are in awe of this natural wonder and call it the Marble Cathedral. The material from which nature created this miracle is not marble, but limestone of a bluish hue.

Intricate cave labyrinths delight all travelers who explore them. The play of light in emerald-clear water creates amazing optical visions among the marble vaults. Depending on the weather, time of day and season, marble caves change their appearance. For diving enthusiasts, the Marble Cathedral will delight you with a wonderful and enriching vacation.

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit such unusually beautiful places. But beauty is near, you just have to look closely. Perhaps there are interesting places in your city that you walk past every day and do not pay attention to them.

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