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The car today is mainly a way to quickly get from point A to point B. But some motorists see something more in their cars: a reflection of themselves, character, and soul. For such car enthusiasts, there is hardly anything more expensive than a four-wheeled friend. It would seem that such a strong love for the car sometimes is about to cross the border of madness, but what to do if in the current world the winner is rightfully considered the one who is surrounded by the most expensive and stylish things?

Today, economy class cars are being produced more and more qualitatively and more attractively for an ordinary buyer, but cars produced by elite brands are becoming not just a means of transportation or a luxury item, but a factor of high status in society.

Of course, Bugatti or Lambo can reach breakneck speed, but sports cars still lack comfort. BMW, Audi, Lexus – excellent cars from renowned manufacturers. But it is in the cars from Mercedes-Benz that there is something that other cars lack.

Mercedes-Benz is a union of luxury and convenience, complemented by a long-lived engine. And no one will surprise anyone with the fact that rich people around the globe are ready to give space money for the right to own the most outstanding units of the model range.

We think you will be interested in the 10 most expensive Mercedes models in the world, their prices and photos.

10. 500K 1935 3,700,000 $

The Mercedes-Benz 500K is a sports car produced by the Mercedes-Benz concern from 1934 to 1936. It was first presented during the Berlin Motor Show.

The car received the internal designation W29 and, unlike the 500 sedan, had a compressor (aka supercharger), which was designated by the letter K; at that time it was installed exclusively on the company’s sports cars.

9. the Mercedes-Benz Concept the IAA 2015 4,000,000 $

When it comes to concept cars, Mercedes-Benz is arguably one of the most active carmakers in the industry, producing amazing show cars on a regular basis.

The IAA Concept (Acronym for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) is Mercedes’ latest word in aerodynamic and fuel economy improvements based on the idea of ​​“conflicting goals of functionality and aesthetics”.

“ The IAA concept continues our concept car series ,” explained Gorden Wagener, head of development at Daimler AG. “The symbiosis of charming shapes that showcase intelligent aerodynamics is an expression of our unique Mercedes-Benz design philosophy . 

8. Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR AMG Coupe 1998, $ 4,520,000

The Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR was released specifically to compete in the FIA ​​GT Championship, alongside legends such as the Porsche 911 GT1 and McLaren F1 GTR.

But to qualify for the series, the company had to produce and sell 25 road versions of its cars. This CLK GTR is the ninth out of 25 and was first sold in Germany, later moved to Hong Kong (2005), and is currently based in the United States.

The sports car is flawless in every sense and, despite three owners, has a mileage of less than 1,500 kilometers.

7. 300SL 1955 4,600,000 $

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL was produced from 1954 to 1963. Initially produced as a coupe from 1954 to 1957 with gullwing doors, and then, from 1957 to 1963, as a roadster. The production version was based on the less powerful 1952 racing engine.

In February 1954, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 300 SL at the New York International Motor Show and was largely a marketing creation by Max Hoffman. It was voted the “sports car of the century” in 1999.

SL is an abbreviation for “super-light” in German and is a lightweight tubular structure.

The body is mainly made of sheet steel, while the bonnet, boot lid, instrument panel, sill and door trim are, however, made of aluminum. The car was standard silver gray, but other colors were available upon request.

6. 38/250 SSK 1929 7,400,000 $

In the 1930s, Mercedes-Benz was already known as the “mighty Mercedes”, but the 38/250 SSK ad rightfully shouted: ” The fastest sports car in the world!” … It was the last car Ferdinand Porsche designed for Mercedes-Benz before leaving the company to build his own cars. It may have been small, but its engine was powerful – a 7.1-liter power plant.

English gentleman George Edward Milligen became the 11th owner of this great car in 1941. He paid £ 400 for ownership, a sizeable sum during those dark and uncertain times when wartime blitz was gaining momentum and bombs fell from the sky every night.

At the time, SSK was a product of an enemy industry whose technological superiority threatened the survival of the United Kingdom. Yet Milligen highly valued Mercedes-Benz’s engineering and manufacturing standards, and was delighted with the driving and dynamic performance of his SSK. Milligen kept the car until his death at the age of 94. Surprisingly, the car was never rebuilt and had almost all of its original parts – over 75 years of ownership, only the pallet was replaced.

5. 680 S Torpedo Roadster 1928 8,250,000 $

This Mercedes-Benz 680 S Torpedo Roadster by Corrosserie J. Saoutchik was a Mercedes-Benz demonstration car during the 1929 New York Auto Show.

It was a time in history that characterized a rapidly developing world in which the American economy experienced a real “boom”. Back then, cars were considered the ultimate luxury item. It was during what has been called the Roaring Twenties, when millions of Americans entered an era of newfound prosperity.

Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, Fritz Nallinger and Hans Niebel, the car body was built by the Paris-based company Carrosserie Jacques Saoutchik. At the time, it was one of the fastest road cars in the world, capable of generating 180 horsepower.

The car also joined the world famous Mercedes-Benz S / SS / SSK line, which defined the merger of Gottlieb Daimler and the two car companies of Karl Benz. This line was among the cars that reached the penultimate rounds of the 1999 Car of the Century nominations, which is a real achievement.

The interior of the car bore all the hallmarks of the most extravagant French luxury car manufacturer: exotic reptile skins in the interior lining and seat upholstery.

4. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream Ueli Anliker 2011, $ 10,000,000

Modifications of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream Ueli Anliker , none of which improve the quality characteristics, include those plated with 24-carat gold. The wheels are inlaid with ruby ​​nuts, the indicators are precious stones, the interior and steering wheel are finished in pure gold, gold headlamp trims and gold door sills. Even the paint, applied in 25 coats, was mixed with 11 pounds of gold dust (worth just over $ 299,000).

Anliker estimates that the material alone cost $ 5.4 million, and that’s before you factor in labor costs. Thirty-five foremen spent about 30,000 hours assembling the machine, and we seriously doubt they worked for the minimum wage.

According to The Rich Times, possession of such a “travel accessory” causes a lot of paranoia, so the car gets to the owner with both a GPS tracking system (complete with ignition off) and a proximity alarm that warns when other cars are in the stream. the movements are too close.

3. Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion 2015, $ 12,000,000

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept moves on its own, transforming the interior of the vehicle into a private haven where time and space are absolute luxury.

The exterior features a low front end and a sleek, streamlined roof that gives the F 015 Luxury in Motion a dynamic silhouette, while innovative doors provide easy access to the interior living room.

There you will find four rotating seats, as well as six display screens that are harmoniously integrated into the front, rear and side panels. It is a digital arena that allows passengers to interact with the vehicle through gestures, eye tracking, and high-resolution touch screens. Walnut trim and soft leather blend with metal and glass to create a truly luxurious ambience.

It is a bold step into the future of driving, where the car is more than just a means of transportation. It is personal privacy, spacious and complete. The F 015 Luxury in Motion is a car that redefines the word.

2. 540 K Spezial 1936 and 1937, $ 12 million

The car, which was a modification of the 500K, was developed by Friedrich Geiger and presented at the 1936 Paris Motor Show. It was available to buyers in three versions: a two-seat convertible, a four-seater coupe, and even an armored limousine. The engine was increased in volume and developed power up to 115 horsepower.

Custom-built for the wealthiest and most demanding enthusiasts, the Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster was the flagship of the brand in the pre-war years. Introduced in 1936, before World War II halted production of new cars, 26 roadsters were built, and only a few were exported to the United States.

One such vehicle, the 1937 540 K Special Roadster with a long tail body with a high door, was delivered new to Corning Glass heir Reginald Sinclair.

1. W196 1954 29,600,000 $

The Mercedes-Benz W196 was a Formula 1 racing car produced by Mercedes-Benz for the 1954 and 1955 F1 seasons. Successor to W194, in the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss, he won 9 of 12 races and captured the two world championships in which he competed.

The Silver Arrow is one of the most famous racing cars from Mercedes-Benz. Even today, motorsport fans are inspired by the Silver Arrow of the Fifties.

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