10 Ways to Extend iPhone Battery Life

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Despite the fact that Apple releases new phone models every year, big optimization problems remain a sore point for iPhone owners. The main reason is not only misuse, which has the greatest negative impact on the battery, but also very demanding applications that consume a lot of battery power. Over time, the phone starts to “slow down”, which entails an even greater discharge of the battery. Basically, you need to get rid of a worn-out battery, but if you don’t feel like doing this, then these 10 tips will help to extend the life of the iPhone battery.

10. Check the battery status

IOS provides the ability to check the current state of the battery. If the battery is in poor condition, the system will notify the owner, but only after the initial power drops to 80%. Mac owners have the additional option of checking the battery using the CoconutBattery app. The battery must be replaced at a power below 80%. It is also worth paying attention to the applications that consume the largest amount of energy and check your phone for malware.

9. Decrease the brightness

Display plays just as important a role in battery consumption as apps. It is necessary to remember: the higher the display brightness, the more charge is consumed. There are several ways to reduce brightness:

  • The first is to manually dim the phone, which is not always convenient.
  • The second is the ability to set the minimum brightness by triple pressing the Home button. This can be done using the item in the settings called “Basic”, then “Universal access”.

Each of these methods will help conserve battery power and extend battery life.

8. Use auto-brightness

Apple phones have an additional display brightness adjustment feature called Auto Brightness, which allows the iPhone to automatically adjust the display brightness based on its surroundings. If the iPhone is in a bright environment, the brightness will automatically decrease. In a dark environment, on the other hand, the brightness will increase. It turns on in Settings – Basic – Universal access – Display adaptation. In different versions of iOS, the location of this feature may vary.

7. Reduce the auto-lock time

This function is responsible for automatically locking the phone after a certain period of inactivity. It will also help tremendously in conserving battery power. This is included in the function in Settings – Screen and brightness – Auto-lock. The best option would be “30 seconds”. Auto-blocking, of course, does not play a decisive role, but this will have a significant impact on the conservation of charge.

6. Use Wi-Fi if possible

Cellular communications and mobile Internet have one very big drawback – it is, at times, high battery consumption. If possible, you should use Wi-Fi instead of regular mobile Internet. Wi-Fi uses a lot less power. It turns on in the Control Center.

5. Turn on power-saving mode

This mode allows you to increase the battery life of the iPhone by 3 hours. This feature first appeared in iOS 9. This feature turns off automatic email checking, slightly slows down performance, turns animated wallpapers into static ones, turns off automatic background app updates, reduces network activity, and turns off all motion effects. The power saving mode does not affect the main functions of the phone in any way, so there is no need to worry. The power saving mode is located in Settings – Battery.

4. Do not use iPhone in extreme temperatures

Ambient temperature is critical, in principle, for any battery. The battery discharges very quickly at low temperatures – this is known to any car owner, especially when the car does not start in the morning due to a discharged battery. But the iPhone has a built-in lithium-ion battery, which is slightly different from the car’s battery. At high temperatures, the battery overheats, which undoubtedly entails a decrease in its service life and creates the likelihood of an explosion of the battery. Subzero temperatures will also shorten its lifespan. The optimum temperature for an iPhone battery is between 0 and 35 ° C.

3. How to store iPhone for a long time

When storing the iPhone for a long time without use, one very important rule must be observed in order for the battery to serve faithfully for a long time. Apple says the battery only needs to be half charged for proper storage. It is important to know that you should never store your phone with a minimum or maximum charged battery, as this can greatly disrupt its operation.

2. Charging tips

Charging plays a colossal role in the health of your phone’s battery. Charging too long will have an extremely negative effect on the overall health of the battery. Before charging it is necessary to remove the phone from the case, as it practically does not cool down in the case, which entails overheating of the phone and shortening the battery life. The use of fast charging adapters is highly discouraged. The best option is charging with a power of 5 watts. iPhone should not be charged in direct sunlight because heat is one of the biggest enemies of batteries.

1. Other tips

No need to install beta systems and first iOS releases. They contain a sufficient number of faults that are completely unnecessary. They are fixed approximately two weeks after release. As unnecessary, you can turn off geolocation and automatic updating of applications. A lot of battery power is consumed by visual special effects, which can also be turned off. Unnecessary applications on your phone should be removed. If you’re not using AirDrop, you need to turn it off.

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