10 interesting facts about butterflies

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Butterflies are amazing creatures that live on our planet. They belong to the section of arthropod insects.

The word itself is translated as “grandma”. Butterflies got this name for a reason. The ancient Slavs believed that after death, the souls of people turn into these wonderful insects. Because of this, they also need to be treated with respect.

Not many people know that butterflies have a relatively short lifespan. It depends entirely on the climate and species. In most cases, the insect lives for only a few days. But sometimes about two weeks.

However, there are also such butterflies that live up to two or even three years. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 interesting facts about butterflies.

10. The taste buds of butterflies are located on the legs

Butterflies have absolutely no tongue, but they have legs on which receptors are located.

On each foot there are small dimples, to which nerve cells fit. Scientists call it sensilla. When a butterfly sits on a flower, the sensilla is tightly pressed to its surface. It is at this moment that a signal is sent to the insect’s brain that sweet substances and so on appear in the body.

It is worth noting that insects could very well use their proboscis to determine taste. But scientists have found that this method is ineffective. This will take too long.

The butterfly should sit on the flower, unfold its proboscis, and then lower it to the very bottom of the corolla. But during this time, a lizard or bird will have time to eat it.

9. On the surface of the body of butterflies is an exoskeleton

Butterflies have always been distinguished by their tenderness and fragility. Very often they were sung by many poets and artists. But not everyone knows about their amazing structure.

The exoskeleton of a butterfly is located on the surface of the body. It covers the entire insect. A dense shell calmly envelops even the eyes and antennae.

It should be noted that the exoskeleton is completely impervious to moisture and air, and also does not feel cold or heat. But there is one drawback – the shell cannot grow.

8. Male calipra eustrigata are able to drink blood

Butterflies of the caliper eustrigata species are called ” vampires “. Thanks to a modified sclerotized proboscis, they are able to pierce the skin of others and drink blood.

Surprisingly, only males can do this. Females are not bloodthirsty at all. Calmly eat fruit juice.

Butterflies do not evenly breathe to human blood. But the bites do no harm. Most often, this unusual species can be found in East Asia. But they are also observed in China, Malaysia.

Once from these places she was able to get to Russia and Europe. Prefers a more nocturnal lifestyle. It flies out in large numbers only in one period – at the end of June to August.

He tries to hide during the day. It is very difficult to notice in nature.

7. Hawk Moth The dead head squeaks in times of danger

The dead-head hawk moth is a medium to large insect .

The width in the open position is about 13 centimeters. Females differ from males in shape and size. Males are much smaller than females, and their body is slightly pointed.

This type of butterfly has one unusual feature. During any danger, they emit a strong squeak . This is one of the rather rare occurrences for such insects. Many times scientists have tried to figure out where this sound comes from.

It was later found that the squeak is due to the vibrations of the upper lip. Surprisingly, the habitats are always different. But the place of origin remains – North America.

They love to be on plantations, large fields. For example, in Europe, insects can be found on the lands where potatoes are planted.

In the daytime, the dead head hawk moth is in the trees. But closer to the night it flies out in search of food.

6. The monarch butterfly is able to identify medicinal plants

The monarch butterfly is found most often in North America, Australia, New Zealand. Currently, you can see it in Russia.

These insects are among the most beautiful. They always have bright and unusual colors. It is worth noting that females live much longer than males. They can live from several weeks to two to three months.

This species has an unusual feature. Butterflies can find medicinal plants with ease. If someone needs help, they will be happy to help.

Caterpillars consume special milky juice, and adults consume flower nectar.

5. A hawk maker knows how to imitate a howl

The moth butterfly is also called the hummingbird butterfly. Such insects are currently listed in the Red Book.

But having seen them at least once, you will get a lot of positive emotions. This is one of the most amazing and beautiful creatures. They can fly both day and night. They have a rather original body color. That is why not everyone can immediately determine what kind of species.

Not many people know that if you pick up such a butterfly caterpillar, it will behave completely calmly. Although many have disgust and can even bite.

Caterpillars are often found in vines. They look quite specific, which is why a person tries to immediately destroy this insect. But don’t do it. They do not result in crop losses.

The hawk moth can imitate an unusual howl . This helps them climb into the bee hive and then make sounds similar to buzzing. That is why this species can safely steal honey directly from the hive. At the same time, no one will dare to touch her, since they will take her “for their own.”

4. Apollo lives in snowy areas

The Apollo butterfly is one of the most beautiful in all of Europe . Inhabits snowy areas with poor vegetation. You can find it on the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory, as well as Yakutia.

Currently, they have become very rare, their biography has been little studied. They are active during the day, and at night they prefer to hide in large bushes, where they will not be visible.

3. Swallowtail – the fastest species

The well-known butterfly called the Swallowtail was named so by Carl Linnaeus. Widely distributed in the Holarctic region.

Currently, this species is listed in the Red Book. It is worth noting that this is the fastest and most powerful insect in comparison with other specimens of sailboats.

2. Acetosea – the smallest species

In our huge and amazing world, there are also the smallest species of butterflies . One of which is Acetosea.

Mostly in the UK. Together with the wingspan, the insect reaches 2 mm. Her life is very short. Because of this, it multiplies quickly.

It is worth noting that this species has a rather unusual coloration. The blue tones of the wings are covered with small black patterns. It looks very nice.

1. Agrippina is the largest species

The Agrippina butterfly is considered the largest of all butterflies in the world. Very often you can hear her other name – “white sorceress”.

Sometimes the insect is often confused with a flying bird. The wingspan reaches 31 cm. The color can be completely different – from light to darkest. It can often be seen on wood ash, where it is easiest to disguise itself.

One such butterfly was caught in Central America. Currently considered to be on the verge of extinction. Forests are constantly cut down and peat bogs are drained. For example, in Brazil, this species is under special protection.

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