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Jake Gylenhall is an outstanding American actor. One of the few who started his career in early adolescence. He flashed on the big screens at the age of eleven, and got his first leading role at the age of nineteen, in the film “October Sky”. He showed himself as a versatile actor, but most often acts in thrillers, detective stories and dramas.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall – Donnie Darko (2001)

The film tells the story of a boy, to whom a man in a rabbit costume with a vicious grin appears, telling about the end of the world in 28 days. An intricate plot revolves around the main character and time travel.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall – Captives (2013)

In a small town, two little girls are missing. Investigating the case of detective Loki, played by Gylenhall, and grief-stricken father (Hugh Jackman) of one of the missing. While the detective uses all legal methods and his own deduction to investigate, the father’s methods become more and more brutal. Denis Villeneuve’s convoluted and dark film will turn out to be more difficult than you thought.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall – Brokeback Mountain (2005)

A melodrama about the relationship of two cowboys, which brought Gylenhall and Heath Ledger worldwide fame and dozens of prestigious awards. The film tells the story of two cowboys grazing cattle in the pastures of Wyoming. Once in love, their relationship did not stop for many years, even after finding their own families and children. Sensual, cool melodrama, a must-see for all lovers of diverse cinema.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall- Stringer (2014)

A thriller about the thief Louis, who cannot find a job and is interested in the activities of stringers and their way of earning money. He exchanges a bicycle for a camera and begins filming the scenes of accidents in his city. In an effort to get ahead of everyone, he goes to the crimes not only of the law, but also of morality.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall – The day after tomorrow (2004)

A disaster film about the consequences of human influence on the environment and the planet as a whole. Due to the numerous damage caused to our planet by humanity, a climatic catastrophe occurs on the Earth: incessant downpours, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc. Also, three cyclones are formed on the earth, falling under which the temperature will drop below one hundred degrees. The main character, stuck in New York, will have to wait out the deadly cold and wait for the evacuation.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall – Enemy (2013)

Another psychological detective of Villeneuve. The film tells the story of a boring history professor who rented a disc with an unknown comedy and saw a person exactly like him on the screen. By all means, he tries to find his double, but the imagination plays with him, confuses, plunging it into reality, then into fiction.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall – Okcha (2017)

A collaboration between South Korean and American filmmakers. The adventure film tells about the friendship between the little girl Midge and the good-natured, shy monster named Okja. Growing up side by side in the mountains with him, the girl goes to rescue her friend when he is caught and sent to New York.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall Under cover of night (2014)

Psychological thriller by Tom Ford. Art gallery director Amy receives a package containing a manuscript. The novel was written by her ex-husband Edward, who asks for an assessment of his creation, and at the same time asks about a meeting during his visit to Los Angeles. Immersed in reading, the woman realizes that the book is dedicated to her and the nightmarish act she committed while married to Edward.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall – Zodiac (2007)

Detective David Fincher, telling the story of a real maniac who has committed crimes in America since the late 60s. The identity of the killer has not yet been established one hundred percent. The film tells about the everyday life of the newspaper, where the killer sent letters with hints and about the attempts of the young writer Robert Graysmith to solve the crimes.

Best films with Jake Gelenhall

Jake Gylenhall – Patrol (2012)

A crime thriller that tells about the everyday life of two police officers in a criminal area of ​​Los Angeles. Unusual in this film is that it is filmed mainly in the genre of pseudo-documentary. A tough film about the confrontation between the guardians of law and order and the Mexican drug dealers.

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