TOP 10 best swimming pools with Aliexpress

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Choosing the best pool from AliExpress

Previously, most people could only dream of their own pool. Now in the presence of a large selection of equipment for organizing swimming in the fresh air. Water tanks can be installed in the country. Compact folding options that fit in the trunk of a car can be taken with you to the countryside if you plan on relaxing on the water. The Aliexpress website will help you make the right choice.

The best swimming pools with Aliexpress

How to find a pool on Aliexpress

To find a pool in the Ali Express online store, the user needs to go to the “Entertainment and Sports” section of the catalog. In response to the query “pool”, the search engine automatically returns approximately 466,000 results. In order for the search to be crowned with success, you must:

  • Apply a price filter;
  • Be sure to read the product reviews;
  • Clarify the specifics of delivery (certain types of goods are not delivered to all countries, or there is an additional charge for delivery to a specific region).
Pool search on Alixpress

If the pool is intended for a child, you can enter the words “children’s pool” in the search box, then all small models will be displayed on the screen. Also, in this case, you can search for a product in the heading “Products for children”, subsection “Physical activity”, heading “Swimming pools and accessories to them.”

Attention! You can type text in the search bar in Russian or English. Some of the options found will match, but some of the search results will be different.

How to choose a pool on Aliexpress

There are several varieties of home pools. Among them are frame and frameless. Also, the classification of pools includes the following modifications:

  • Mobile;
  • Complex;
  • Pools-transformers.

The simplest mobile option is a classic inflatable tank. Some models come with a pump, which increases the total purchase price. For children, you should choose products without rigid sides, with smooth rounding of all corners.

The most common material is durable, eco-friendly PVC. Non-allergenic. Some models are made of polyester, optional floor cloth may be included.

When choosing a children’s pool, you need to know that they are divided into three types:

  • For swimming training;
  • For outdoor games (smaller size. Compared to the first option);
  • Universal (the largest dimensions, both children and adults can swim in them).

The third option has the highest cost.

The most common shape is round. When buying rectangular and polygonal models, you should pay attention to the smooth endings of the corners and the absence of chipping.

Attention! When choosing a pool with metal parts, you need to pay attention to the presence of anti-corrosion treatment. Otherwise, the structure will quickly rust and become unusable from constant contact with water.

TOP 10 best swimming pools with Aliexpress


Pool Intex

A great option for the whole family. The pool is shaped like an inflatable circle. The product is made of environmentally friendly PVC, it is durable and resistant. The cost ranges from 3,000 to 50,000, depending on the size. There are three size options: for children under 6, for children under 14 and for adults. The color is bright blue, with a solid pattern – the name of the brand on the side. The reviews note that the product looks impressive and is of good quality; however, shipping is not available to all countries It is also noted that the brand-manufacturer is distinguished by reliability and conscientiousness.

Pimpimsky Child World Store

This pool is made of high density PVC. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and durable. There are two sizes available. According to user reviews, this is a great pool, it comes exactly like the photo presented on the site.

Children's swimming pool

Fashionable Healthy Life Store

Swimming pool Fashionable Healthy Life Store

One of the best budget economy class options cost from 13,48 to 107,84 USD. The pool has reinforced walls, is made of high strength PVC, non-allergenic, and resistant to external influences. The product has a rectangular shape, colors are white and blue. The largest option is suitable for four adults. Despite the good quality and proven brand, users claim that the manufacturer can deliver the product with defects, so you should unpack the package immediately after receiving it. If the pool turns out to be of poor quality, you must issue a refund.

Dynamic Outdoor Store

Dynamic Outdoor Store Pool

The original product, which costs only 13,48 USD, is a hybrid of a swimming pool and an inflatable mattress. The mini-pool is designed for one adult weighing up to 200 kilograms. A locking system is provided for easy inflation and transportation. The product has a deep dark blue color. The pool can be used both in the river and in the sea. Additional accessories are not included. Material – a combination of nylon and PVC. Of the advantages, it should be noted compactness, low weight and increased strength. Of the shortcomings, according to user reviews, quickly tearing straps.


Jiainf pool

The bright blue all-over patterned pool is made of durable PVC. The upper ring has an inflatable support. Cost from 5,000 to 20,000, depending on the size. The reservoir is quite deep. When buying three pieces at the same time, a 10% discount is provided. Delivery is carried out in 20 – 40 days, depending on the region of the Russian Federation and the distance from the capital. You can choose between a circle or a polygon shape. The largest model is designed for two adults and three children up to 10 years old. User reviews indicate good quality and fast delivery, no one makes any complaints.

MKT Score

Pool MKT Score

A large-sized swimming pool for children and adults, immediately attracting attention with its original design. The product has the shape of a white swan with a bright red beak, the pattern is solid. The cost is 26,96 USD. The design has a double nozzle, can be inserted into the nozzle. The product is made of 0.3 mm heavy-duty PVC. The material is non-toxic, there are no foreign odors and potential allergens. User reviews indicate good quality and interesting appearance. However, not everyone is happy with the long delivery time. Dimensions 105 x 150 cm.

Cutehouse store

Pool Cutehouse Store

The pool has a rectangular shape and consists of three tiers. The cost is 53,92 USD. Suitable for learning to swim and playing outdoors in warm weather. Colors – blue and white. The compressor must be purchased separately. The product is suitable for children under 6 years old. The main advantages are structural stability and long service life. In the reviews, buyers give a five-star rating, which indicates the good quality of the product. A convenient and ergonomic inflatable platform can be used while relaxing at sea and outside the city. Delivery time is up to 40 days.

BC Fish Entertainment

Pool BC Fish Entertainment

A dark blue rectangular inflatable pool with a reinforced bottom and walls is perfect for families. Both children and adults can be accommodated in it. The average cost is 202,20 USD. The pool is made of polyester, in addition, the set includes a floor cloth. The product can be folded, it is easy to install. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, does not cause allergies. The reviews indicate good quality, but they write that sometimes there are problems with delivery. When buying two copies at once, the buyer is given a 5% discount on the total cost of the order.

Funny toy Dropship store

Pool Funny toy Dropship store

A good budget option of economy class, the cost is not more than 53,92 USD. Pool in dark blue PVC, with a solid pattern, rectangular shape, dimensions may vary. The largest is designed for five people. The bottom is bubble, to increase the strength, several inflatable layers are provided. The advantage can be considered the complete absence of sharp corners, which prevents childhood injuries. In the reviews, buyers rate it “five stars”, no one has yet expressed any complaints. It is recommended to inflate at high air temperature for the first time; otherwise, the material may become stiff.

3C-World Dropshipping Store

Pool 3C-World Dropshipping Store

Rectangular blue PVC thick-walled swimming pool. The product is decorated with a printed pattern. Easy to mount and inflate, when deflated it fits into the trunk of any car. The main advantages are stability and strong walls. Users rate the product as 4-5 stars for good quality. The deep bottom and large size make the pool ideal for family swimming and outdoor play. Material – environmentally friendly PVC, without the unpleasant odor typical for counterfeits. The cost is up to 67,40 USD, depending on the modification.

When choosing a pool, first of all, you need to pay attention to the reliability of the structure and the material from which the frame is made. Design is also important, but in this case, it plays a secondary role. If you give preference to proven brands, the pool will last a long time and become a place of pleasant relaxation for its owners.

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