10 best power banks for 20,000 mAh in 2021

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People who spend a long time on the road know how hard it is to do without a power bank, especially if the phone goes down quickly. An external battery is an indispensable attribute of people who cannot do without a smartphone and watching content on the Internet. You don’t have to deny yourself the pleasure of spending time on the road watching a movie or reading articles – just choose a suitable power bank and continue using your smartphone. In 2020, many new devices were released: Q jet Airbank 10000 mAh, CaseGuru CGPower, 8000 mAh, ZMI QB805, and others, which you can take a closer look at.

By the way, if you are looking for a gift for a person who loves to travel, you don’t even need to guess what to buy – give him a power bank! Regardless of whether you choose a charger for yourself or as a gift, our rating will help you decide on the purchase.

10. Asus ZenPower Ultra

Price : 93,82 USD.

The Asus ZenPower Ultra external battery is  designed for 2 days when used to charge approximately 1 time in 5 hours. The fast charging function always helps. According to buyers, this power bank justifies its price – the device works without interruptions and is of high quality.

The kit includes a USB cable and a small built-in flashlight, which can come in handy at night. The model is made in a sturdy aluminum case and is available in several color options :

  • silvery;
  • black;
  • white.

The model is equipped with two USB connectors, and their total output power reaches 36 W, that is, each is capable of operating in 1.5 A / 12.1 V or 2 A / 9 V. modes.

9. BASEUS Mulight 20000

Price : 27 USD.

The BASEUS Mulight 20000 is a great choice for you . It is praised by all users, and if you find this power bank in the store, you will be very lucky, because it is quickly sold out.

At the moment, the BASEUS company with the inspiring slogan “I think and I implement” is competing with Xiaomi in terms of price, quality and functionality in the power bank market. Thanks to the successful combination of Power Delivery, Apple Lightning and USB C, the charger will be friends with almost any gadget. The capacity of Baseus Mulight is 20,000mAh.

8. Rombica NS240 Quick

Price : 34,13 USD.

Lightweight, compact and easy to use, the Rombica NS240 Quick power bank will be a godsend for travelers and anyone who needs to constantly charge a smartphone. The device provides a charge for most portable devices, be it a smart watch or a tablet.

The developers have provided 2 USB ports, so you can simultaneously charge 2 devices from it (for example, your own and a friend’s, if you are on the road). Buyers singled out this model for themselves among the rest, since the charge lasts for a long time, the device has a fast charging function. Charges via Type-C or a simple micro USB connector.

7. ZMI 10 Powerbank Pro

Price : 58,86 USD.

This charger, of course, can hardly be called for a mass consumer, because the ZMI 10 Powerbank Pro is almost 2 times the price of the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 / 2C 20000mAh. But that is the price for functionality.

Comes with a battery, a USB Type-C cable (about 55 cm), a USB A, micro-USB cable and a USB Type-C adapter. The case of the power bank is aluminum, on the sides there is a plastic rib. ZMI 10 Powerbank Pro supports charging mode for low-current devices, has overheating and overcharging protection. By using USB, you can even charge your Xiaomi laptop, MacBook Pro and other devices.

6. AccesStyle Battleship 20MPQ

Price : 26,09 USD.

The powerful AccesStyle Battleship 20MPQ power bank  with an output power of 18 watts in an aluminum case will prove itself in the work of the top five. It is heavy in weight, but it works well. Even after the fall, he will continue to work like new, he won’t even need rehabilitation!

Owners who have been using the charger for a long time note in the model fast charging, the Power Delivery function, thanks to which you can charge laptops. Without charging, it can share the charge with the phone 3 times. The owners also note the quality of workmanship – the charger is pleasant to hold in the hands – the case is made of aluminum.

5. TopON TOP-T72

Price : 53,10 USD.

For a person buying a power bank, the most important thing is that the device can charge a laptop or phone without access to the Internet, and TopON TOP-T72 does an excellent job with this. The display shows the time left until full charge, which is very convenient.

Sold in 2 colors :

  • white;
  • black.

When the phone is charged, it is enough for 4 times, and after that the bank needs to be recharged. The battery is lightweight and compact, so you can carry it with you even in a small purse. The TOP-T72 can be charged via the built-in microUSB connector from the car’s cigarette lighter or using an AC adapter.

4. ANKER PowerCore 20100

Price : 58,86 USD.

The ANKER PowerCore 20100 charger with a USB Type-C port and the ability to simultaneously charge three different devices is made in a stylish aluminum case and will become an indispensable thing on the road.

Output voltage: 5V / 4.8A, if you connect two charging devices at once, the current will be distributed by 2.4A. From this we can conclude that the device supports the fast charging function, which is fashionable in modern mobiles. When the device is connected, the LEDs light up, indicating that the charging process has started. This device can easily fit even into a small purse.

Interesting fact: consumers consider ANKER accessories even better than Apple. The company was founded by a former Google engineer in 2011 in California. The idea for the creation came by accident – he was tormented by the fact that the iPhone battery was quickly draining. And he solved his problem and the problem of millions of people around the world.

3. HIPER PSL20000

Price : 23,47 USD.

It is , of course, difficult to call the HIPER PSL20000 lightweight , but this drawback is hardly noticed when you discover all the advantages of this model. It is elementary to use for charging, the charger is made to last. The devices charge quickly, so if you need to stay connected, this is a great choice!

Conveniently, there are 2 inputs: USB and Type-C. Enough for 3 times of charging the phone. Heavy in size – keep this in mind if you are going to be light. Its weight is dictated by its large capacity (23,500). You can charge 2 devices at once.

2. HARPER PB-20008

Price : 35,38 USD.

Stylish, capacious and powerful power bank HARPER PB-20008 supports 2 functions for fast charging: Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery. The durable aluminum case reliably protects the power bank from mechanical damage.

3 devices can be connected to the battery at the same time. The power bank has an indicator that indicates the end of charging. Speaking of the charge, it charges the phone in literally an hour and 100%. One power bank charge is enough for 7-8 times. Perfect for people who travel frequently.

1. Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank Fast Charge 20000

Price : 30 USD.

Our rating selection is completed by the leader among other batteries – Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank Fast Charge 20000 . The high marks of the owners rightfully made this model a leader. It combines a huge capacity (20,000 mAh) and an inexpensive price.

It is convenient that two devices can be connected to the power bank at once for recharging, and thanks to its impressive capacity, it is almost always in a state of readiness. The device is a bit heavy, but due to the volume, it cannot be otherwise. Its weight is 600 g. There is a button on the side panel that allows you to check the charger level.

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