Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress 🔥

Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress 🔥 📱 Smartphones and accessories

Finally, this smartphone has become available for sale. You can buy POCO X3 NFC on Aliexpress. But is it worth spending money on a budget flagship killer? The first Poco was successful, the second even better. And so, the turn came to the third model in the line. Below we have compiled a detailed review of the POCO X3 NFC smartphone, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the new item.

Design and equipment

The device is delivered in a cardboard box. The set includes a silicone case, memory, USB-cable, as well as a paper clip for the tray and documentation. The smartphone itself came out in black and gray colors. On the back there is a logo and a patterned area. There is a gradient effect with iridescent shades. The cover of the gadget is made of plastic, the side edges are rounded. The case is quite slippery, so it is not recommended to hold the phone without a case. By the way, he will also hide the fingerprints.

POCOX3 NFC smartphone review

In the upper part of the back cover there is a protruding block with four sensors and an LED flash. The body of the device is non-separable, on the left there is a hybrid tray, into which you can install an additional SIM card or microSD drive. A nimble fingerprint scanner is integrated into the power button on the side. This unlocking method is more convenient than a separate sensor on the back cover or under the screen. In addition, a mechanical scanner is faster than a subscreen scanner. Support for wired headphones is also retained. Next to the connector is a Type-C charging port.


The front panel houses a 6.67-inch display made using IPS technology. In the middle there is a neat cutout for a selfie camera. The display is protected by durable Glass 5 glass, and the supported resolution is 2400×1080 at a density of 395 pixels per inch.

Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress

All services give the device a picture with HDR10 support: Netflix, YouTube, etc. Another advantage of the display is support for 120Hz refresh rates. However, this is not a stable 120 Hz, because the device works in dynamic mode: if you watch content in 60 PFS, then the picture refresh rate will be 60 Hz. This saves battery power.

Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress

In automatic mode, the white brightness was 631 cd / m 2 , and black – 0.515 cd / m 2 . The contrast ratio is 1225: 1. The error in color rendition is minimal and amounts to only 3.3 in the color space.

Performance and sound

POCO X3 NFC is a gaming model, therefore its characteristics are appropriate. There is everything here for a clear skating rink, because the phone became the first in the world to be equipped with a Snapdragon 732G processor. This chipset differs from the 720-series with more modern cores, as well as support for 4K video recording with active HDR.

Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress

Of course, the difference in performance is noticeable, but I can’t call it expressive. In AnTuTu POCO X3 tests, NFC scores 278,569 points. This is quite enough to run modern games at medium (some at maximum) settings without slowdowns.

Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress

The system also functions smartly – the gadget flies in the interface, animations scroll smoothly. The device received a gorgeous display refresh rate of 120 Hz. This is a record parameter for middle-class models. Of course, in average games, such a hertz pattern is invisible. But when launching dynamic games (for example, shooters, races), the sensations are great.

Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress

Stereo speakers will also delight users. They are placed on the body so that the sound is not blocked by the palm of the hand, no matter how the user is holding the phone in his hand. The sound quality is comfortable, but the device is hardly suitable for audio playback without headphones.


The autonomy of the POCO X3 NFC is good, but not a record one. The device is equipped with a large 5160 mAh battery, which demonstrates good battery life in games and web surfing. For example, in PUBG at medium settings, the device was discharged by 8-9% for an hour of play. In mixed mode (when syncing messengers, email accounts, watching videos on YouTube), the phone will last for 1.5 days without recharging. If you load it with heavy tasks, then this parameter will drop to 24 hours of autonomy.

Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress

At the same time, with tests for continuous video playback, everything is not so simple. Regardless of the screen mode, X3 NFC scrolls the clips for 15 hours. At a display refresh rate of 120 Hz, autonomy will drop slightly.

The included charger fully replenishes the gadget’s power in just 75 minutes. Thanks to support for fast charging, the battery gains 55% in half an hour. For a non-flagship model, these are good indicators.


At the back of the Poco there are 4 cameras, where the main module is represented by a new sensor from Sony – IMX 682 with a resolution of 64 megapixels. Then everything goes as standard: wide angle, macro camera, depth sensor. If we talk about the quality of the photo, then the device pleased. For the inexpensive segment, it delivers good contrast, detail, and excellent dynamic range even when HDR is turned off. The only caveat is that the colors are slightly warmer than in reality. But this disadvantage can be “let down on the brakes”, given the cost of the gadget. In reviews of the camera, Aliexpress users praise the quality of images using the depth sensor. There is support for 4K video with electronic stabilization.

smartphone camera POCOX3 NFC

As for the front camera, there is a 20-megapixel sensor. It produces cool shots in both normal and low light.

Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress
POCO X3 NFC smartphone camera photos

Advantages and disadvantages

Of the advantages of a smartphone, we note:

  • the presence of an NFC sensor for contactless payments;
  • large 6.67-inch display with good picture quality;
  • productive chipset;
  • 120 Hz display refresh rate, which is optimal for dynamic games;
  • rear camera, consisting of 4 modules;
  • large battery with support for fast charging from a 33-watt adapter.
Review on POCO X3 NFC smartphone with Aliexpress

We also note the disadvantages:

  • uneven illumination around the front-facing cutout;
  • 120Hz refresh rate is not always enabled.


POCO X3 NFC is a cool inexpensive smartphone that will appeal to both gamers and amateurs to create high-quality pictures and videos with a phone camera. At the same time, a smart processor is installed inside, with which you will not feel a lack of speed for another 2-3 years.

POCO X3 Review
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