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To make photo and video shooting more convenient, special supporting devices are used, which are called tripods. They are compact, can be folded and unfolded, suitable for filming in any conditions. Such equipment will help you capture moments at a distance and place more objects in the frame. However, choosing the right tripod needs to be done as each model has different characteristics and capabilities.

How to find a tripod for your phone on Aliexpress

Tripods are not universal and are not suitable for every device. Therefore, when choosing, you need to take into account the phone model for which the equipment will be purchased. It is important to enter all the data about the brand of the smartphone in the search engine.

The search must be carried out as follows:

  • go to the official website of Aliexpress ;
  • enter the query “tripod for + phone model” in the search bar and search;
  • select all the required parameters on the panel and filter;
  • view all options and choose the right model.

The main thing is to read all the characteristics and reviews. If there are no reviews, then it is better to look for another store with the same product so as not to waste your money.

How to choose a tripod on Aliexpress

Tripods from China are not always tested by time and quality, so buyers may have doubts about purchasing this device from Aliexpress. But if you choose the right equipment in accordance with all the parameters, the tripod for the phone will be used for a very long time. Consider what you need to consider when looking for such a device on Aliexpress.

Degree of stability

Image or video stabilization is very important for filming. It will be affected by the stability of the tripods. High equipment is the most unstable compared to low equipment. It is important to pay attention to the number of tripod sections: the more there are, the longer the device will be. The best option is 2 sections. This tripod practically does not wobble.

The size

All smartphones are different in size, so when choosing a tripod it is important to consider how far it can be extended. The device should hold the phone well and allow it to fall or deflect. You also need to know the maximum height to which the tripod can be raised. On average, such equipment reaches no more than 170 cm in height.


The material from which the device is made determines its strength, stability and service life. Aliexpress presents products from:

  • magnesium;
  • aluminum;
  • titanium;
  • carbon fiber;
  • combined alloy;
  • carbon fiber.

It is better to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each material, the advantages and disadvantages, before proceeding with the ordering process.

Head type

The tripod head is the element on which the smartphone is attached. It can be of several types, each model is individual. The following head types are distinguished:

  • video head. Creates smooth movement of the camera, suitable for panoramic and night shots;
  • ball head. It is located on a hinge that can rotate around its axis and can be fixed in absolutely any configuration;
  • 3D head. Can only rotate in three directions with separate clips.

Reviews and ratings

Also important components of choosing a tripod for your phone. It is necessary to read the comments of those people who have already purchased this product on Aliexpress. A rating is always displayed next to the product, which users can leave in accordance with a five-point scale. The higher the rating, the more trust in the seller. You shouldn’t order unverified products.

TOP 10 best tripods

Consider the most popular and rated models of phone tripods from the Aliexpress website. Before buying, you should carefully read the technical specifications and reviews from other buyers.


Quality tripod from Chinese manufacturers. It features a neat phone holder: silicone inserts are used there so as not to scratch the body of the device. The holder is lightweight yet multifunctional. Can work from different angles. For professional shooting enthusiasts, you can even purchase a device with two holders.


Miniature holder for amateur filming. Its compactness allows you to take the device on long trips or travels to take photos with the whole company or family. The angle of inclination can be adjusted. The package does not include a silicone mount, it must be ordered additionally. The base is made of plastic, so the structure is not particularly stable.

COOLJIER Mini Tripod

Phone holder with three legs. It weighs very little and rises only 20 cm in height. It is based on materials such as plastic and aluminum. Despite its small size, the construction is very robust and stable. Access to the phone can be configured using a dedicated remote control, which is another advantage.

Hanmi YY-2014041903

The head of the device is of a movable type and allows you to rotate the tripod around its axis. The equipment itself is tall and has two layout modes. The maximum height can reach 1 meter. The remote control will help you remotely take photos and start video recording, even without setting a timer. Made of aluminum, you need to handle the device with great care.

BePotofone YLSK

Great for professional selfies and front camera videos. This tripod is equipped with an LED lamp to help you optimally set the correct lighting. The holder for the phone is regulated in 4 modes. The maximum height reaches 180 cm. Each customer can independently choose a complete set of this equipment: the presence or absence of backlighting, as well as a remote control.


This model provides several design options and colors. There is a tripod on three flexible legs, the configuration of which can be changed. The device can even function as a selfie stick. Suitable not only for phones but also for cameras. You should additionally purchase silicone inserts so as not to damage the body of the smartphone or the corners of the screen.

LISRIB Mini Spider

The design of this phone holder is made in the style of spider legs. It places the phone at a tilt with the ability to adjust the position and angle. Suitable for amateur photos on the front camera. It is mainly used as a stand, not only when taking pictures, but also when reading books or viewing pages. The device itself is made of thick flexible wire.

GAQOU P14-107

Another model with an interesting design shape. The legs of this device can bend in different directions without losing their functionality. Suitable even for shooting with a GoPro using the remote control. Good assembly is confirmed by strong legs that can withstand any stress. In the upright position, the tripod is 30 cm high.


The holder is made in the form of an octopus. The flat legs provide the device with stability on any surface, even the roughest. The tripod picks up any object well with the multifunctional head, but the tilt, unfortunately, cannot be changed. The smartphone can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. Such equipment can also be used as a holder for other small items.

Fosoto Gorillapod

The base of the tripod is made of plastic and rubber. The height is not adjustable and reaches 29 cm, but the legs can be bent since the flexibility of the material allows you to do this. The design is quite stable and at the same time can withstand loads of up to 5 kg. A budget option for amateur filming. However, buyers have noticed an unpleasant odor from the device.


You can choose a tripod for your phone from Aliexpress for every taste. They sell both professional models and amateur photography. It is very important to study all the technical characteristics of the material and the device itself before buying it so that it does not fail in a short time. You should also pay attention to the ratings and reviews of other customers. If they are negative, it is better to look for another seller. It is recommended to do the same in the absence of a review or rating. If you make the right choice, the tripod will work for a long time and delight collective photos at any event or on a trip.

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