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Best camera drone from AliExpress

Quadrocopters with cameras have become part of people’s lives. They are actively used by video bloggers, journalists, TV people, and ordinary people. These affordable and very interesting devices allow you to take pictures at a bird’s eye view and survey large areas. You can now buy a quadrocopter in many stores, including Aliexpress.

Best Quadcopter with Aliexpress

How to find

There is no separate category for quadcopters with a camera on the Aliexpress marketplace. They can be found in several sections. Therefore, it is best to use the search bar, which will allow you to immediately access all the products of interest.

You need to enter the query “quadrocopter with a camera” in the search bar and press the Enter key.

Quadcopter search

A results page will open, displaying all products matching a specific custom query. For convenience, you can use sophisticated sorting systems by choosing a manufacturer or specific equipment characteristics.

How to choose

Choosing a quadrocopter with a camera involves careful consideration of several basic parameters.

searching results

Screw set

As the name suggests, quadcopters usually have four propellers. However, it is customary to include aircraft with three, six or eight propellers in the same category. Three-screw devices are lightweight and maneuverable, while an increase in the number of screws leads to an increase in size and an increase in carrying capacity.

Dimensions (edit)

The dimensions of the drone directly depend on its purpose. Small mini drones are widely used as a toy for a child.

Medium-sized devices weighing up to 250 g are popular because they allow you to use a full-fledged quadrocopter without the need for registration with government agencies.

Heavy models are usually not of interest to ordinary users, but they are actively used by various companies for the delivery of goods or professional shooting from the air.


Modern drones can be equipped with cameras with a resolution of 0.3 MP to 4K. High resolution will allow you to get a clear, high-quality picture. For beginners, a camera with a resolution of 720p or more is a good option. Professionals are better off looking at Full HD (1080p) or 4K (2160p) devices.

The angle of view of the camera should be considered separately. The larger it is, the wider the coverage during shooting.


Expensive quadcopters are usually equipped with a smartphone control function. And especially for this you need to download the application. Low-cost aircraft are usually controlled by a remote control. To communicate with the device, Wi-Fi networks at 2.4 GHz are usually used.

Power point

Drones are usually equipped with brushed or brushless motors. Manifolds are usually found on budget models and have low reliability. Brushless ones turn out to be much more reliable and also deliver more power.


The most important parameter is responsible for the ability to work without recharging. Cheap models are usually able to stay in the air for 10 minutes, while mid-range devices fly without problems for about 20 minutes. Premium quadcopters work without recharging for half an hour at all, but the prices for such devices are extremely high.

Flight speed

Many modern vehicles are capable of speeds of about 135 km / h. This is typical for special racing drones purchased for competition. For the average user, models with the ability to accelerate to 36 km / h are suitable.

TOP 10 best quadcopter with camera from Aliexpress

Eachine E58

Price: from 91,66 USD.

A functional quadrocopter in a light alloy body. The built-in battery lasts about 7-8 minutes of flight under user control. The control is carried out using a convenient remote control equipped with a holder for a smartphone.

Quadcopter Eachine E58


  • Reliable case
  • Compact folded size
  • Automatic flight stabilization


  • The cost

Drone-AP 005

Price: from 32,35 USD.

A quality drone capable of staying in the air for about 18 minutes. This is a really good indicator in a particular price category. Four-channel control by means of the remote control is provided. The built-in camera allows you to take pictures and video during the flight.

Quadcopter Drone-AP 005


  • Reliable screws
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • Functional control panel


  • Sometimes during the flight it leads to the side

Drone-AP 007

Price: from 32,35 USD.

A relatively inexpensive pocket drone capable of speeds up to 12 km / h. the device itself runs on a battery, and the remote control is powered by batteries Charging takes about 30 minutes, after which the model can fly for 10 minutes.


Quadcopter Drone-AP 007


  • Convenient foldable design
  • Compactness
  • Reliability


  • Affected by the wind


Price: from 20,22 USD.

A cheap aircraft with a quality video camera. The quadcopter is equipped with a brushed motor, the capabilities of which are enough to achieve the necessary dynamics in the air. The plastic case is robust and resistant to mechanical stress.

Quadcopter XKJ LS-MINI


  • Foldable design
  • Convenient carry case included
  • Choice of color
  • 4K Shooting


  • Low autonomy

LSRC 2020 E68pro

Price: from 32,35 USD.

Foldable quadcopter in a sturdy plastic case. Comes with an intelligent control panel that controls every movement in the air. The model is quite stable and retains its position even under the pressure of the wind.

Quadcopter LSRC 2020 E68pro


  • Beautiful design
  • Wide angle camera
  • The ability to fold the structure


  • Not always stable connection with a smartphone


Price: from 20,22 USD.

Very lightweight and compact quadcopter controlled by a convenient remote control. Allows you to shoot video with a resolution of 720p. The foldable design makes the device much easier to carry and use. The model is perfect as a toy for a child or amateur shooting from a height of up to 45 meters.

JJR / C JJRC H49 SOL Quadcopter


  • Slim body
  • Ease
  • High-quality protection against interference


  • Small control distance

Visuo XS816 RC

Price: from 36,40 USD.

An advanced drone equipped with high-quality optical zoom for getting closer to the image. Stably transfers the picture to the smartphone via wireless networks. Convenient remote control with a large number of buttons is provided for control. The model is supplied in a convenient case that protects the components from external influences.

Quadcopter Visuo XS816 RC


  • Excellent autonomy
  • Four-channel control
  • High definition video shooting


  • Long battery charging

Teeggi SG106

Price: from 33,70 USD.

A modern drone that allows you to fly for about 20 minutes at a certain distance from the operator. Made of durable plastic with some metal details. Reliable and efficient enough.

Quadcopter Teeggi SG106


  • Built-in wide-angle camera
  • Functional optical positioning
  • Ability to plan a route of movement


  • It’s hard to keep in place

ZLRC SG906 Pro

Price: from 129,41 USD.

Premium model with high power brushless motor. It has a foldable design for convenient transportation. On a single charge, it flies for about 25 minutes, but then you need to charge it for 6 hours.

Quadcopter ZLRC SG906 Pro


  • Long flight time
  • High definition camera
  • Long effective control distance


  • High cost


Price: from 45,83 USD.

Universal aircraft with one-button take-off capability. On a single charge, the model can work for about 20 minutes. The weight of 249 g ensures comfortable to use without the need for registration.

Quadcopter DEEPAOWILL F3 


  • Robust case
  • Stable image transfer to smartphone
  • Auto return function


  • Long charge

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