TOP 10 best keyboards from Aliexpress

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Choosing a good keyboard on AliExpress

A high-quality keyboard seems to be one of the main conditions for comfortable work on a computer. This is especially important for those users who are actively involved in typing or using video games. Among all existing models, mechanical structures are considered the most reliable and functional. Most of them are not cheap, but on the Aliexpress trading platform, you can find a suitable model at a very attractive price.

The best keyboards from Aliexpress

How to find a mechanical keyboard on Aliexpress

To find mechanical keyboards on Aliexpress, you need to do the following:

  • Open the main page of the online store.
  • Select the “Computers and office equipment” category in the side menu.
Category "Computers and office equipment"

Go to the “Mice and Keyboards” section.

Section "Mice and keyboards"

From the options offered, select the item “Keyboards”


This will open a window with all keyboards available on the site. To select the appropriate type of construction, just select it in the side menu.

In case of difficulty, you can use the search bar. In this case, you just need to enter the query “mechanical keyboard” and press the Enter key. The search results will show exactly those devices, in the name of which there is a similar request.

How to choose a keyboard on Aliexpress

When considering mechanical keyboards, it is necessary, first of all, to study the available varieties of such designs. There are many different criteria for classification, but only a few of them deserve special attention.

The following types of keyboards are distinguished by size:

  • full-size with built-in block of numbers;
  • without a block of numbers;
  • without a numpad, a set of navigation arrows, as well as the top row “F” (here the absence of buttons is compensated by the pressing mode with the “Fn” key;
  • compact version, which provides only the alphabet and a few function keys.

Some models are equipped with an LED backlight system. It will prove to be extremely convenient when using a computer in the dark, and also gives the structure a futuristic appearance. Often, backlighting is the main element that determines the game design purpose. The glow can be solid or customizable.

According to the location of the keys, American and European layouts are distinguished. The main alphabet in both cases remains in one place, but the Enter, Shift and some others change their sizes.

Some advanced devices are equipped with a button programming function. The option provides for the possibility of hardware replacement by places of some keys. Sometimes there is even functionality for fully customizing the entire keyboard. This is usually done through switchable layers.

The most common are classic-style keyboards, but specialized tools can be found if needed. Ergonomic models are designed for specific audiences that require increased comfort while typing.

The main feature of all mechanical keyboards is the presence of special switches. These elements can be of different types, which leads to another method of classifying devices. The most popular Cherry MX switches have been in the market for over 30 years.

The offered models differ in the level of sensitivity, reliability, efficiency and some other parameters. For a beginner who is not used to working with mechanical keyboards, it is better to give preference to Cherry MX Brown switches. They are easy enough to press, have excellent feedback and do not make too much noise during operation. For game lovers, Cherry MX Red is the perfect choice.

Additional recommendations for choosing a device:

  • If you need to type a lot and often, it makes sense to pay attention to the ergonomic models.
  • For gaming, standard keyboards equipped with a set of keys for programming macros are ideal. The ability to completely reprogram the keys will be a huge plus.
  • If a person is used to working on a laptop, then the best option in most cases will be a compact model without a separate Numpad.
  • The most important thing when choosing is to choose the right switch. Unfortunately, convenience can only be accurately determined during use. However, the recommendations of experts will not be superfluous.

TOP 10 best keyboards from Aliexpress

ME TOO ZERO-X51 / X08 / X52

Price: from 20,98 USD.

Solid mechanical keyboard for desktop computers. Equipped with quality LED lighting that illuminates every row. If necessary, you can choose a version without a backlight. A wired connection guarantees instant feedback when pressed.

Keyboard ME TOO ZERO-X51 / X08 / X52


  • Several versions to choose from
  • Reliable switches
  • Built-in memory for saving settings
  • Bright backlight


  • Not the most durable lettering on buttons


Price: from 24,91 USD.

The ergonomic keyboard can be used with both a desktop computer and a laptop. Even when carried, the model will not cause any trouble, since it is small in size. Robust mechanical switches will last for years and can also be easily replaced in the event of a malfunction.

Keyboard ZUOYA X51


  • Relatively small size due to the rejection of the numpad
  • Reliable switches
  • Comfortable feet for a comfortable fit


  • Plastic scratches easily


Price: from 34,09 USD.

Wired PC gaming keyboard. The mechanism used is very reliable and durable. The possibility of full programming of all keys is provided, which will be especially useful for gamers and programmers.

Keyboard GK61


  • Laconic design
  • An impressive resource of switches
  • Waterproof and dustproof housing
  • RGB backlight


  • The markings on the keys are erased over time

Motospeed K87S

Price: from 44,57 USD.

Spectacular white model with an advanced key illumination system. Suitable for both games and for working with large amounts of texts. Each switch is capable of withstanding about 50 million clicks. This ensures fast signal transmission with minimal latency.

Keyboard Motospeed K87S


  • Stylish unusual design
  • Bright, customizable backlight
  • Reliable switches


  • High cost

Havit HV-KB432RU-Red

Price: from 32,77 USD.

Full-size gaming keyboard with dedicated wrist rest. Thus, the most comfortable position of the hands is ensured, which does not lead to quick fatigue. The model is perfectly optimized for all popular operating systems and does not require lengthy software installation.

Keyboard Havit HV-KB432RU-Red


  • RGB backlight
  • The presence of multimedia keys
  • Wired and wireless options available


  • May seem too bulky

Ajazz AK33

Price: from 41,95 USD.

A fast and comfortable model specially designed for the comfort of gamers. The switches are perfect for any load and withstand about 60 million keystrokes during operation. At the same time, the design is quite compact, although it has an unusual rise.

Keyboard Ajazz AK33


  • Stylish design
  • Intelligent key illumination system
  • Suitable for gamers


  • High altitude


Price: from 38,02 USD.

A functional gaming keyboard with an ergonomic design and the ability to customize settings to suit individual user preferences. Moreover, you can configure both the backlight and the keys themselves at the hardware level.

SK61 keyboard


  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Minimalist design
  • Durable ABS housing
  • Customize keyboard backlighting via software


  • Sometimes it is difficult to configure macros

Durgod 87 Taurus k320

Price: from 85,22 USD.

Very simple in appearance, but at the same time one of the most advanced mechanical keyboards in design. It uses the most advanced switches that can withstand a huge amount of pressure. Even if one of the elements fails, it will not be difficult to replace it with your own hands.

Durgod 87 Taurus k320 keyboard


  • Build quality
  • Two color options
  • Comfortable rubber feet for stability
  • Connection via USB Type-C cable
  • High rating, only positive feedback


  • High price

Anne pro 2

Price: from 78,66 USD.

A modern gaming keyboard with a convenient typing design. The lack of unnecessary details allowed manufacturers to focus on the essentials. The result is a high-quality and durable device that supports a connection with a computer via a wireless Bluetooth interface.

Anne Pro 2 Keyboard


  • Stylish appearance with minimal unnecessary details
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Complex of intellectual functions
  • Durability
  • High rating, good reviews


  • High cost

Ajazz AK33

Price: from 39,33 USD.

A device with large function keys, the assignment of which can be changed, if necessary, using the provided hardware. The keyboard case is made of a durable aluminum alloy that is resistant to scratches and all kinds of mechanical stress.

Keyboard Ajazz AK33


  • RGB backlight
  • Aluminum alloy back panel
  • Possibility to program keys


  • Takes some getting used to

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