TOP 10 best CCTV cameras from Aliexpress

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Which CCTV camera to choose from AliExpress

CCTV cameras are special devices for outdoor and indoor monitoring of an object. At the moment, it is considered an urgent option for solving the issue when it is necessary to control a lonely elderly person, children in the absence of parents, the state of the local area. Buy a device quickly and easily through Aliexpress. It is convenient and profitable from a financial point of view.

The best CCTV cameras from Aliexpress

How to find a security camera on Aliexpress

There are two options for finding a camera on the Aliexpress website. Consider a quick one for a start. This means that it is enough to drive “CCTV cameras” into the search bar and click on the “Find” button.

Search for CCTV cameras on Aliexpress

There is another way to find the right product. Here they use the directory, which is represented by the following sequence of actions:

  1. To begin with, the product catalog is expanded, which is presented in the upper left corner.
  2. Here they consider the item “Electronics”.
  3. Next, choose “Security and Protection”.

This category of goods is presented only in the form of video surveillance cameras, which are collected in one group “Video surveillance”. Then click on the tab and open the desired model.

Search for CCTV cameras on Aliexpress

How to choose a CCTV camera on Aliexpress

The Aliexpress website offers a wide selection of CCTV camera models. It is difficult to choose the required option, therefore a form for entering the appropriate parameters has been formed. It is better to study each one in advance in order to resolve the issue faster. They are guided by the following criteria:

  • Lens type. This parameter determines the distance from the camera sensor to the lens, which sets the focus. The shorter the distance, the more view the device gives. The viewing angle is smaller if the distance is greater. The distance between the lens and the sensor depends on the size of the sensor. Therefore, the lens type is determined in accordance with generally accepted standards.
Formatone”½ “1/3 “¼ “
Height, mm9.
Width, mm12.
  • A kind of sensor. On Aliexpress, you can find only two types of sensor – an element that acts as a motion sensor. Variety affects video quality. A CCD device is designed to convert pixel charge into electrical potential beyond the photosensitive sensors. As a result, camera owners are content with analog video quality. The second type of sensor is CMOS matrices, which operate on the basis of a field-effect transistor. The quality of the resulting video is slightly worse.
  • Style. In this case, they are guided only by their own preferences. Perhaps buyers will look at the shape to improve the design of the room if the camera is in the room. In this case, it should not be large and conspicuous.
  • Additional functions. You can choose several varieties at once, which will increase the comfort of using a CCTV camera. On Aliexpress there are models with infrared illumination, rotation in accordance with the movement of people, tilt as needed and zoom.

Having decided on the features of the CCTV camera and the functions necessary in this case, they proceed to the choice using the presented form. It is enough to check the boxes here – this indicates the request for the required parameter for the search. Several checkboxes can be checked in one group at once.

TOP 10 best CCTV cameras from Aliexpress

Help in choosing the right model is to provide descriptions of the best deals. In this case, the TOP-10 of the best devices will be given. The rating was formed in accordance with the requests on the Aliexpress website.


The SANNCE brand enjoys a certain popularity on the marketplace. The presented model has 4 PC cameras with a resolution of 960P. The dimensions of the device are small – only 6 cm on each side. From the mount base to the lens, just 17.5cm.

SANNCE 4CH camera

As a result, the camera can go unnoticed, which is convenient for outdoor surveillance. There is a built-in hard disk with different capacities that you can choose yourself. The opportunity is provided to keep abreast of events away from home – the device is identified from a smartphone.

The reviews about the model are positive. Most of the owners noted the excellent quality of the resulting image.

Security camera SANNCE H.264 +

A whole set of cameras is offered, which consists of 4 pieces – as a rule, it is enough to arrange them around the house or apartment. The set has positive reviews from buyers who note the fast delivery, the ability to solve the problem of monitoring the local area with a small investment.

SANNCE H.264 camera

It also has a built-in hard drive, which allows you to keep recording for several days.


A whole set of cameras is offered, consisting of 4 devices. Waterproof model with infrared video surveillance and built-in hard drive.

SANNCE IP66 cameras

In the product reviews, you can find positive reviews regarding communication with the seller. He quickly replaces defective goods, if any.

Wireless CCTV Camera with Optical Zoom

Attractive model in appearance and functionality. The camera rotates 90 degrees to increase the view of the footage. Horizontal rotation of the device reaches 355 degrees, which is why the image is provided from all sides.


In this case, the turns are carried out not chaotically, but in accordance with the movement of a person. For ease of use, there is Wi-Fi, with which you can easily inspect the territory while sitting at home or even an office where a smartphone is used.

Hikvision original IP camera DS-2CD2385G1-I

An inconspicuous dome CCTV camera will solve the problem of unauthorized entry of an unauthorized person. The device is attached to the ceiling, which makes it completely invisible. Small size does not reduce functionality. The device is offered for purchase with 3 focus options. HIKVISION camera supports standard Windows software.

Hikvision camera

The high resolution camera of 8.0 Megapixels improves the quality of the resulting image. Helps to actively monitor the local area and the viewing angle, which reaches 100 degrees. This is enough to cover the area from one side of the house.

Outdoor CCTV Camera from ASECAM

An easy-to-use camera, a budget option for apartment monitoring of senior citizens living alone or with a disability. The buyer himself chooses the desired model, since there are 4 types of lens and 3 types of focus.

ASECAM camera

The presented parameters directly affect the quality of the resulting image. The model has a CMOS matrix, a side hinged bracket. The viewing angle is increased to 120 degrees, the camera supports standard Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

EBTOPS 1080P H.265 WiFi Wireless PTZ IP Camera AI

A budget camera designed for shooting at night. Despite its low cost, it has excellent features typical for convenient use. Easily withstands outdoor surveillance of the local area, waterproof, reacts to the movement of people or animals.

EBTOPS camera

There are 3 types of lens to choose from, supports new operating systems from Windows. Has a built-in 32 GB card – this is a large volume, so you can save the captured image for 2-3 days.

POE CCTV Dome Camera

CCTV dome cameras are quite popular. This is primarily due to the attractive design and invisibility of the device.

 POE security camera

This model is distinguished by the presence of 4 types of lenses, which are selected in accordance with the peculiarities of placement. Films at night, supports all operating systems, allows you to inspect the territory from a smartphone.

OLOEY 1080P IP Camera WiFi Home

This model is intended for home use only. It is convenient to install it in the room for children when there is a need to monitor them from a distance. The camera is compact, will not interfere with children’s pranks. She has a solid case, which is why you should not be afraid of the device breakdown. Buyers will be attracted by the value.

OLOEY camera

Security camera from Arvin

A popular model, due to its waterproofness, the presence of an infrared shooting function. Offered by manufacturers with 5 different lens types. Select them in accordance with the subsequent arrangement of the device. The small size allows you to install the camera in the house, in the baby’s room. Mounts to a wall or ceiling. The viewing angle reaches 75 degrees.

Arvin camera

Choosing a CCTV camera on Aliexpress is not a difficult task, if you take the time to study the parameters and set them in the search form offered on the site beforehand. You can use the above rating and choose a suitable model for yourself in accordance with your financial capabilities.

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