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Wireless headphones are a breakthrough in electronic technology. Thanks to the advanced design, users can listen to music and make calls in any environment. The Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2 helps customers talk outdoors when outerwear gets in the way of the wires. The wireless model can help you listen to music quietly, and at the same time, unnoticed by strangers. In some situations, headphones can help hide the fact of a conversation.

Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2

Aliexpress allows you to find all categories of products on one site. Airdots headphones from Aliexpress can be found using the search bar, simply by entering the name of the device. Users can also search for a product using the product catalog, which is located in the side menu.

Completion of the model.

The package bundle is not rich, but the composition includes the necessary equipment elements. The standard set includes headphones, ear pads and a case. The ear cushions are available in two sizes S (small) and L (large). In the box, the user can also see instructions for setting up and operating, and a standard warranty card.

Design and interface.

The Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2 headphones refer to a minimalist design. There are no unnecessary details or elements. The dimensions and parameters of the device allow users to store the device in a purse, or in a pocket of outerwear or jeans.

Headphones Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2 review and operating experience.
Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2

From the front of the case, you can see the charge indicator of the device, and in the rear area there is a micro USB input for recharging.

Headphones Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2 review and operating experience.
Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2

The earbuds are equipped with a large button on the top, where you can view the charge indicator. Do not use force to press the keys, they are triggered by a light touch. The earbuds are designed for regular wear thanks to their ergonomic shape.

Specifications and device overview.

Xiaomi redmi airdots headphones can be found on Aliexpress in two colors. For a delicate and light look, the white version is suitable. For an ultra-stylish and bold look, you can buy the model in white.

Headphones Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2 review and operating experience.
Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2

  1. Fundamental characteristics and parameters.
  • The device is a type of wireless equipment designed to listen to sounds from a mobile device.
  • A microphone is embedded in the functionality, which allows you to talk and transmit voice messages.
  • Wireless headphones are in-ear, that is, the device should be inserted into the auricle.
  • The device is manufactured using dynamic technology.
  • The weight of one earphone is 4.1 grams, respectively, the complete set will weigh 8.2 grams.
Headphones Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2 review and operating experience.
Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2

  1. Construction parameters.
  • The headphones are manufactured with Truewireless technology in mind.
  • There is no fastening, the device is held in the auricle due to its ergonomic design.
  • The membrane has a coating diameter of 7.2 millimeters.
  • For the safety of the device, the design has received a splash protection of the IPX4 variation. The user may not be afraid to engage in sports exercise with headphones.
  1. Wireless parameters.
  • The equipment connects to mobile devices using Bluetooth, which the headphones are equipped with. Bluetooth belongs to the enhanced category 5.0.
  • The connection can be carried out from a long distance of 10 meters.
  1. Additional options and properties of the device.
  • With the help of headphones, the interlocutor can answer the call at any time, or end the conversation.
  • The equipment is supplemented with an option for paired connection with an automatic control method.
  • The functionality is supplemented by DSP, that is, the device can process equipment in a digital way.
  1. Nutrition criteria.
  • Each earphone is equipped with a battery with a capacity of up to 43 mega amperes per hour.
  • Without the need to charge the device, the equipment can perform basic functions for up to 4 hours, that is, 240 minutes.
  • The earbuds are charged when they are in a specially designed case. Charging time from start to finish is 12 hours.
  1. Case characteristics.
  • The set of headphones is complemented by a case in which you can not only store equipment, but also charge the device. The case fulfills an aesthetic option.
  • The case has a battery that charges. The capacity of the battery that comes with the case is 300 mega amperes per hour.

The advantages of the model.

Headphones Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2 review and operating experience.
Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2

Xiaomi wireless headphones have incomparable criteria and advantages that distinguish them from similar models. Among the fundamental advantages are:

  • Headphones have the ability to use your device as a headset.
  • The connection is stable, so there are no problems when listening to music or communicating with the interlocutor.
  • The ergonomic shape allows you to use the device under any conditions, and to carry it with you in your bag or pocket.
  • The sound is of high quality, so the user can listen to music or information in full.
  • The cost is low, so users can afford to purchase the product.

Disadvantages of the device.

Headphones Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2 review and operating experience.
Xiaomi Redmi Air Dots 2

Users also highlight the disadvantages of using the model:

  • USB-micro USB is not included as standard.
  • Problems can arise when removing the device from the case. The headphones lie and fit snugly.
  • The user cannot control and manage the current tracks, or the listening volume.
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