Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress 🔥

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress 🔥 👩 Women’s products

Caring and decorative cosmetics from Asian companies are popular in the world. The combination of natural ingredients and traditional recipes makes Chinese cosmetics brands attractive.

China is a country that develops not only scientific technologies, but also the beauty industry. A distinctive feature of cosmetics is the use of natural ingredients in the composition. For example, products based on volcanic clay, soybeans, fruit acids, green tea and other substances are in great demand. They include only ingredients that have preserved natural ingredients.

The main difference between Chinese and European cosmetics is the cost. In terms of quality, Western products are at the first level, and Asian products win in terms of availability. For example, in stores you can buy a fabric mask for 50 cents, which will refresh and saturate your face. This availability affects their popularity among the local and foreign population.

Manufacturers of cosmetics pay attention to the selection of products. In stores, care or decorative products are purchased that are suitable for the requirements and problems of the skin. Some of these products are hypoallergenic. The absence of chemicals and harmful fragrances allows the use of products for the care of sensitive skin.

Due to the competition in the Chinese market and the picky choice of Asians, manufacturers are attentive to the compositions of the funds and reviews on them. The market for care and make-up products is constantly evolving. New stores and products are emerging in the beauty industry. However, brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress are in constant demand.

Recently, we have prepared an up-to-date selection of stores with women’s clothing with a very high seller rating, for girls with curvaceous shapes we made a separate selection of plus-size stores , write your comments, maybe you know which ones, we will add to the selection.


Sanfree store products. presented in a wide selection – a selection of face masks, cosmetics for skin care and make-up, anti-aging serums, nourishing masks, tools for applying makeup.

Products that brighten and mattify the skin of the face are popular with Asian women. For European women, a selection of means aimed at restoring a healthy and aesthetic appearance of the dermis is presented.

Sanfree store sells Chinese cosmetics wholesale or retail. However, don’t worry about quality. The high rating of the store, its own laboratory, positive reviews and a decent brand reputation guarantee the receipt of proven care and decorative cosmetics.

The main advantages of Sanfree products are in their cost, naturalness, correctness and medicinal properties. The formula uses only natural substances. Such formulations do not provoke allergies or other side effects, making the use safe.

The low price is due not to poor quality, but to inexpensive labor. The medicinal properties of the products allow you to nourish the skin and have a positive effect on the regeneration of new cells.


Another representative of the Chinese cosmetics brand on Aliexpress is the Millionstyle store. On the platform, you can buy products for the care and restoration of health of the skin of the face, hair, nails, hands and body.

The main feature of Millionstyle cosmetics is a harmonious combination of different types of natural ingredients. With the help of innovative technologies, the manufacturer was able to determine the most effective formula of cosmetic products that does not cause irritation, redness, itching or allergies.

At the same time, care cosmetics are distinguished by their effect on the skin. She does not hide her flaws and problems, but eliminates the causes of the appearance of such defects on the skin.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

Another significant advantage of Millionstyle store products is cost efficiency. The chemical formula is designed in such a way that it has a high concentration. This allows you to use creams, masks and other products in small quantities.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

Since the competition in the beauty industry market is high, the manufacturer pays special attention to medical examinations. This ensures that every product in the catalog has passed clinical trials and other validation standards. The risks of harm to health when used are reduced to zero.


The assortment of the Sopure store includes decorative cosmetics and products for the care of the skin of the hands, face, body and head. Moreover, their main advantage is fast action and good concentration. Creams, masks and ointments are especially helpful.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

They are able to quickly nourish and restore healthy looking skin. Skin imperfections are not only masked, but also eliminated over time. It was possible to achieve such an effect on the skin with the help of natural formulations.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

The main catalog includes the following products:

  • nutritious serums;
  • anti-aging creams;
  • moisturizing lotions;
  • collagen, hydrogel and whitening patches;
  • foams for washing;
  • fabric masks (disposable and reusable);
  • serums with natural acids;
  • gels;
  • body fresheners;
  • whitening powder for teeth;
  • Handmade soap;
  • lip balms and other products.
Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

In addition to beauty products, Sopure offers a wide range of beauty and grooming tools. For example, needles and pads to remove acne.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

All products are certified. Complies with European quality standards. Confirmed by clinical trials.


Breylee is another Chinese cosmetics store on the popular Aliexpress platform. Its products allow a woman not only to emphasize, but also to preserve the beauty of her face and body. At the same time, the funds presented in the catalog affect our internal processes. They stimulate cell regeneration, nourish and moisturize the dermis, eliminate skin imperfections and help maintain an attractive and healthy appearance for a long time.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

The Breylee store catalog contains products for any age and skin type:

  • acne treatments;
  • products for oral hygiene;
  • face cosmetics;
  • essential oils;
  • acne removal tools;
  • medical masks;
  • care units for eyes, eyelashes, and hair.

At the same time, the store maintains cooperation with the buyer without intermediaries. This makes delivery fast and timely. The assortment is available in warehouses. After ordering, it is shipped for transportation.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

Lemon Style

The cosmetics presented in the Lemon Style store are suitable for European and Asian women. The unique and natural composition effectively fights against skin problems and defects. Selection of the line by skin type and age is possible.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

The assortment of the store includes:

  • masks for blackheads and acne;
  • sunscreens;
  • products for body, foot and hand care;
  • sets of cosmetic tools;
  • line for face, lips, nose and eyes care;
  • natural soap;
  • bath and shower products;
  • means for massage and relaxation;
  • decorative cosmetics for eyes, lips and face;
  • makeup kits;
  • nail tools.

A quality certificate was issued for each unit, confirming the safety of use and effectiveness.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

The composition for the products is based on only plant components, for example, algae, collagen, shea butter and papaya, cucumber extract, fruit acids, activated carbon, volcanic mud, sakura extract, proteins and other substances. They are responsible for the health and beauty of the skin of the face and body.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

Laikou store

Laikoustore is not just a brand of Chinese cosmetics, but a store popular on the Aliexpress platform.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

The main concept of the site is the sale of goods with a pure and natural composition. All product formulas include herbal essences. This approach to development and production guarantees customers the restoration of skin health and beauty. Moreover, certification of each unit takes place in professional and independent laboratories.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

The Laikou store on AliExpress is one of the most popular representatives of Chinese cosmetics brands. Its products are sold in 143 countries, including European ones.

For the convenience of customers, the assortment of the store is divided into several categories:

  • remedy for men;
  • products for face, hair and body care;
  • cosmetics for Make Up.

Every day in the Laikou store, the TOP of the most recommended products and a list of cosmetics sold under the promotion are formed.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

The main feature of the beauty market products presented in the Laikou store is the absence of contraindications and side effects. Do not cause irritation, dryness, itching, or other unpleasant or painful sensations. The unique formulations comply with all international standards and are not addictive due to the presence of only natural and herbal ingredients in the composition.

Bubugao Store

The Chinese Bubugao Store offers its customers a large selection of cosmetics for young and mature dermis. In the assortment, you can find a line of care and decorative products for every type of skin. At the same time, in terms of their quality, they actively compete with popular European brands.

The main advantage of the Bubugao Store is good quality cosmetics at a reasonable cost.

The products contain components of natural origin. Products based on seaweed, ginseng root, snail mucus, green tea and other natural ingredients are popular.

In addition to facial cosmetics, the store offers a line of body skin care. It not only evens the tone and unclogs clogged pores, but also improves blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration of new cells. Algae-based products act as an effective lifting and chamomile reduces dermis imperfections.

A large selection of care products allows you to choose products for the type and characteristics of the skin. A wide range of colors of decorative cosmetics makes it possible to select products not only on the basis of composition but also on external properties.


Another worthy representative of Chinese products from Aliexpress is the Bioaqua store. Its customers can order cosmetics from a variety of manufacturers, including popular brands such as:

  • Bioaqua;
  • Novo;
  • Ucanbe;
  • Music flower;
  • Miss rose.
Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

The Bioaqua store catalog contains antibacterial complexes, skin care products, decorative cosmetics for eye, lip, face makeup, products that help in taking care of hair, and items for applying makeup (sets, brushes). The healing properties help to eliminate irritation, swelling, wrinkles, lethargy, acne, oiliness and flaking. The line is divided by age group, used components and purpose.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

A distinctive feature of Bioaqua products is the naturalness of the components, the concentration of the composition and the healing effect. The composition includes such effective products as silk proteins, natural clay, snail mucus and other components. The care cosmetics presented on this trading platform are well absorbed and effectively affect the skin. The development of new formulas is carried out in modern research laboratories.

Top 8 brands of Chinese cosmetics from Aliexpress

Using cosmetics from Bioaqua, you can not only emphasize the natural beauty but also have a healing effect on problem skin of the face and hands. Each product presented in the store’s catalog has quality certificates. They prove the safety and effectiveness of cosmetics based on clinical trials.

Chinese cosmetics every year conquer new markets with their low cost, natural ingredients, safe composition and high efficiency. There are many Asian brands competing for consumer attention. Particular interest is focused on the popular Aliexpress site. On it you can find famous representatives of the Chinese beauty industry, for example, Sanfree, Breylee, Sopure, Millionstyle, lemon Style, Bioaqua, laikoustore and bubugao Store.

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