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The drug theme is widely used by screenwriters and directors. Truth be told, such films evoke a double feeling among viewers, as a result – conflicting reviews. Someone thinks that this is a kind of advertisement for prohibited substances. Indeed, at first, the life of most movie characters is quite successful. Friends, noisy companies, “laughing” pills “or powder. And then the terrible word – addiction. Pain, fear, grief, obsessive desire, quarrels with loved ones, if you do not stop in time, death. So the audience is unlikely to want to try drugs if they watch at least a couple of films about this phenomenon.

If you are interested in this topic, take a look at our selection of films and TV series about drugs. These are sad and life stories that will sink into your soul for a long time.

10. Training day (2001)

A crime thriller about the everyday life of an ordinary policeman Jake Hoyt. He recently transferred to the drug control department. His colleague and mentor Alonzo wants to see Jake in action. The first “training” day begins. Together they set off on a raid on the streets of Los Angeles, where they will confront drug dealers. Jake will be very surprised when he finds out that his partner is using illegal methods in the fight against criminals, but this is a small thing compared to other troubles that will happen today …

9. Escobar (2017)

A dramatic film based on the biography of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. He was born into a poor family, his father is a farmer, his mother is a teacher. Having matured, he, like other boys, began to dream of a beautiful life and easy money. Pablo did not use legal methods but decided to build his own drug empire. He managed to do it in the shortest possible time. Unsurprisingly, he has many enemies. But people are afraid of him, and no one will dare to confront Escobar himself.

He soon realizes that he should not be limited to wealth, Pablo has new desires. Now the drug lord is striving for power. The film also shows the love story of Escobar and the journalist Virginia Valejo.

8. Traffic (2000)

Crime drama, an abridged adaptation of The Heroin’s Way. Robert Wakefield, Chief Justice, gets an assignment from the President. He must lead a team that will deal with the “salesmen of death.” An intricate scheme is being built in which there will be a place not only for the police and drug dealers, but also for their loved ones. In the process, the main character learns that his beloved daughter is also heavily addicted to heroin. The movie “Traffic” is a few different stories, dissimilar to each other, yet they have something in common – drugs.

7. Basketball Diary (1995)

The film is based on the biographical novel by Jim Carroll. Already at the age of 13, he became a basketball star, but his grandiose plans canceled out his dependence on illegal substances.

This is a frank, tough and true story of the degradation of young boys and girls. The narration is in the first person. The main character, whose role was brilliantly coped by Leonardo DiCaprio, a 16-year-old guy. He keeps a diary. There he describes all his experiences and the events that happened to him. Together with his friends, he discovers the world of drugs, the world of pleasure and unlimited freedom. Soon the young man ends up in prison. This saves him from death, because there are no prohibited substances here. Friends who remained at large are unlikely to live to see their 20th birthday …

An interesting fact. River Phoenix was originally cast in the lead role. The young and talented actor was the idol of the youth. He never managed to appear in The Basketball Diaries. The river passed away shortly before filming began. The cause was an overdose of drugs.

6. Pulp Fiction (1994)

“Pulp Fiction” is a legendary film by Quentin Tarantino. It features several stories. Crime, murder, robbery … Of course, drugs were involved here. A story called “Vincent Vega and the wife of Marcellus Wallace” is dedicated to them. Mia Wallace is a drug addict who regularly uses cocaine. This time the girl was unlucky, an overdose …

5. On the Needle (1995)

Crime drama based on the acclaimed novel by Irwin Welch. Trainspotting was voted the best British film of the past 60 years in a poll.

The action takes place in the 90s in Edinburgh. The main character, Mark Renton, is an experienced drug addict. He regularly tries to quit, get a job and start a normal life. True, he has not yet succeeded in doing this. Mark’s friends are also drug addicts. Some of them are still trying to escape from drug captivity, and like Renton, start all over again, but some don’t care. There is only one desire – another dose …

4. Cocaine (2001)

Another biopic based on the true story of the smuggler George Young. This man once became one of the key figures in the cocaine trade in the 70s – 80s of the XX century.

An ordinary kid from the suburbs figured out how to fulfill his dream of becoming rich and powerful. All you need to do is sell drugs. Young chose cocaine. Soon he has his own sales market, among his clients are the most successful and famous people in America. George is a masterful fool of the police and the FBI, as well as other drug lords …

3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

American black comedy . A classic of world cinema, it has long become a cult film.

The main character, a journalist named Raoul Duke, goes to Las Vegas. His goal is to write an article about sporting events – the Mint 400 race. Raoul is not traveling alone, a friend named Doctor Gonzo has kindly agreed to keep him company. The men took with them a large amount of “laughing” substances and alcohol. Herb, pills, tranquilizers … Duke forgets about the purpose of the trip, the drug race begins. Only pleasure, nothing else.

The film is based on the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter Thompson, for which he used chance. It happened to him in real life.

2. Breaking Bad (TV series 2008-2013)

Crime drama, TV series. A total of 5 seasons, 62 episodes were released. This project has been recognized as one of the best in America, has won many awards, positive reviews from critics and the love of television viewers around the world.

The main character of the series “Breaking Bad” Walter White is 50, he works as a chemistry teacher. His wife is pregnant, and he also has a disabled son. To support his family, he is forced to earn money at a car wash. Walter soon learns that he is terminally ill. Lung cancer, the last stage. Now the only thing that worries White is how his loved ones will live when he dies. An idea comes to his mind – drugs. He finds his former student Jesse Pinkman, who has experience in the business, and invites him to go into business. They buy a mobile home and drive away from town to brew their first batch of methamphetamine …

1. Requiem for a Dream (2000)

American drama that tells about the fates of different people. An elderly widow Sarah dreams of starring in a TV show. Her son Harold and his friend Tyler want to become rich. Garld’s friend Marion is also making big plans for the future, she is going to open a fashion store. To achieve their goals, you need to put in a lot of effort, but the main characters of “Requiem for a Dream” did not use the traditional method. They are addicted to drugs. Their dreams are not destined to come true, they have chosen the wrong path .

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