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Increasingly, professional manicurists, as well as girls who do their own manicures at home, buy all the necessary goods on Aliexpress. A huge number of manicure products are presented on the trading platform.

How to find and choose products for manicure on Aliexpress

The shortest way to information about the product you are looking for on the Aliexpress trading platform is to type in the search bar of your browser the query “Aliexpress: manicure and pedicure sets. The first line in the Yandex search results pleases with a selection of a wide variety of items and technical means for the care of hands and feet, decoration of nail plates.

You can use the main page of the Aliexpress website. To search for the required products, just enter a keyword in the search box and search for the desired product in the results presented. The main thing in choosing a quality product from China is the availability of orders and positive reviews.

Top 8 manicure sets on Aliexpress

Nail Drill

For a professional manicure and pedicure master, the device replacing a file will become a good helper. To polish nails on hands and feet, you only need 1 device – the Nail Drill. At maximum speed, it gives 35,000 nozzle revolutions per minute. Works in two modes: “leg” and “hand”. Switching occurs at the touch of a button, the speed is regulated by turning the knob on the outside of the case.

The kit includes:

  • Apparatus;
  • A set of nozzles – 12 pcs.;
  • Electric pedal;
  • Silicone stand.

Apparatus weight ≈ 130 g. With periodic use, the “nail drill” will last more than 400 hours, with continuous work more than 300.

The set of 6 metal and 6 ceramic tips can be supplemented by purchasing an additional set of standard size instruments. The cost of an electric nail file does not exceed 40,44 USD.

Steel set

The rainbow manicure set includes Spikes, a cuticle pusher, a pusher. This set is dominated by tools designed to expand the space on the nail plate. The cost of the set is about 10,78 USD., it looks attractive, but even a case for storing tools is not provided.

Set for the care of nails of hands and feet

In a beautiful, comfortable mini-case, you can purchase a set for manicure and pedicure, made up of 18 different tools, for 1200 rubles. It includes:

  • 2 files with different sections;
  • 2 side cutters for fingernails and 1 for feet;
  • nail scissors;
  • spatulas for cleaning the subungual space;
  • cuticle removal tools of various shapes and thicknesses;
  • tweezers.

Each instrument in a compact case has its own place.

Nail Drill – hit of sales

The model, which does not have a mode switch, has long been a hit of sales. Its cost does not exceed 20,22 USD. The body of the unit serves as an organizer of the workplace; all the attachments necessary for operation are placed on it.

Working speed from 0 to 35000 rpm. On the body, in addition to the speed regulator, there is an on / off button for the device. Included:

  • apparatus;
  • a set of nozzles;
  • removable pedal.

When ordering electrical goods for “aliexpress”, you need to carefully look at what network the device is designed for, specify when ordering to the seller what voltage of the electricity network in your country. This model, like the previous one, operates on 110 and 240 volts.

We managed to find more than 70 reviews for this device from our compatriots, all of them are positive. Women, having purchased a nail polishing machine, stopped going to nail salons.

Electric hand-held nail polisher

The cost of the device is 3-6 times cheaper than what is presented above, although the maximum rotation speed of the nozzles is only one and a half times less. It ranges from 0 to 20,000 pm. The device works from a socket for 110 and 220 V, when using a plug corresponding to the parameters of the mains.

The set includes metal and ceramic tips, sanding belts.

The entire set with packaging weighs 160 grams, it is easy to take with you, which will be appreciated by the masters of manicure and pedicure, working at the customer’s site. Cost from 8,76 to 21,57 USD.

The most powerful nail sander

Two modes of operation when connecting a controller. The control of the attachment of the nozzle is a button for pressing with the foot. Adjustment of the rotation speed of the nozzles is made from the housing of the voltage stabilizer box.

Electric Nail Drill

The device can be equipped with a plug of 4 types; when ordering, it is necessary to indicate to the seller the type of outlet and the voltage of the network.

The maximum rotation speed of the nozzles reaches 45,000 rpm. The set of nozzles is standard – 6 metal tips and sanding belts, their width is 6 mm.

Vacuum cleaner for nails

Grinding nails produces a lot of dust, small electric dust collectors will help to avoid air pollution. One of them is a nail vacuum cleaner, the voltage required for its operation is 40W. When polishing the nail over the fan of the vacuum cleaner, small particles are collected in a special bag inside the device due to the strong suction of air. The case does not heat up during long-term operation.

Powerful manicure dust collector

Distinctive features of professional equipment, to which the nail vacuum cleaner belongs, are high suction power, reliable fan, durable ABC-plastic housing.

The sleek design of the fan housing is complemented by a comfortable ribbed leather wrist rest. The hand rests comfortably on the pad above the fan. It will be more comfortable to grind and grind nails, to process the cuticles, because the dust inevitable during this procedure will not fly in the air. Switching on and off is done in one touch, just like opening the box, which hides a bag for collecting dust. There are 2 of them in a set.

Set for decorating nails on hands and feet

To create a beautiful manicure and pedicure, varnishes alone are not enough. A professional home kit might look like this:

  1. Top – 2 pcs.;
  2. Fixer – 2 pcs:
  3. Varnishes – 20 pcs.;
  4. Glitter to create the effect of depth of the picture;
  5. Gel for sculpting volumetric elements of the picture;
  6. Polymer padded toe separators;
  7. Decorative stickers;
  8. French manicure strips;
  9. Rhinestones;
  10. Modeling tools;
  11. Drying lamp;
  12. Drill – power file with attachments;
  13. Brush for washing nails;
  14. Nail polish remover;
  15. Soft files for grinding;
  16. Side cutters;
  17. Cuticle trimmer.

The list can contain up to 54 items. The cost of the most complete set reaches 47,18 USD.

This set is suitable both for home use and for a small nail salon specializing in nail decoration.Subscribe so you don’t miss anything important.

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