The best mining hardware from AliExpress 🔥

The best mining hardware from AliExpress in 2021🔥 🖥 Electronics

The best mining hardware from AliExpress in 2021. Mining is a good opportunity to make money with cryptocurrency! Choose your mining hardware!

A few years ago, every user could mine cryptocurrency using special software and an existing home computer. Over time, the situation has changed, there is a lot of competition and the complexity of mining algorithms has increased significantly. Then there was special equipment designed for mining and solving complex mathematical problems in order to obtain virtual coins.


How to find mining equipment on Aliexpress?

On the trading floor there is a separate tab “Categories”, where different products are sorted by type and purpose. Here you can find equipment, jewelry, clothing, telephone, but there is no separate column with equipment for mining cryptocurrency. To find it, you need to use the search bar located at the very top of the main page and enter the correct query:

  • miner;
  • miner;
  • ethereum;
  • asik;
  • the name of a popular device model from a well-known brand, such as Antminer.

After entering any of the options in the search box, the system analyzes the products and selects all suitable offers with generators. Not all products from the distribution will be related to the desired equipment, about half will be presented in the form of natural stones. This is due to incorrect translation. The word “miner” means a miner, miner or generator, which is why in the search process all the goods that match the request are selected. In order to narrow down the search, you must select one of the filters present below the search bar:

  • USB miner;
  • asic miner;
  • btc miner;
  • litecoin;
  • words with combinations of model names, for example, miner S7 or S.

After the performed manipulations, only suitable options for the extraction of virtual money will remain. These can be either completely ready-made solutions or components for creating your own cryptocurrency generator.

What kind of mining equipment to choose on Aliexpress?

A huge number of various models are presented on the trading platform, the bulk of which are designed for the extraction of in-demand coins. Depending on the need to obtain a certain type of cryptocurrency, you should choose the appropriate chip installed in the generators:

  • SHA256 – configured to work with bitcoin;
  • SCRYPT – mines litecoin;
  • X11 – allows you to receive dashcoin.

To determine what technology the device works with, just go to the product page and carefully study the description. There will be indicated not only the technical characteristics, but also the chip used.

The presented equipment for Aliexpress is very different in price. This is due to various parameters:

  • the speed of execution of the assigned chains of mathematical problems or hashing;
  • dimensions, depend on the number of chips installed, the cooling system and additional sensors installed inside the generator;
  • efficiency, in other words, the amount of electricity consumed;
  • cost, the higher the performance and the lower the electricity consumption, the more expensive the purchase will be.

When purchasing mining equipment, first of all, you need to be guided by the available budget. When choosing a chip, you should carefully read the statistics and pricing of the cryptocurrency of interest. Study all drops in price over the past six months and get acquainted with forecasts for the near future.

Having received all the necessary information and having decided on the coin that you want to mine, you can choose the miner himself. To do this, you will need to carefully study the technical parameters of the device and try to buy equipment with minimal power consumption and high hashing rates. The more chips installed, the better. Generators always work at maximum frequencies and it is not uncommon for individual chips to burn out. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to miners in which at least 150 chips are installed.

Why is it profitable to buy mining equipment on Aliexpress?

The main advantage when buying a virtual currency generator on the Aliexpress trading platform is the price advantage. The difference in cost can be up to 30%, compared to purchasing equipment with similar characteristics in local stores. Most of the goods are delivered free of charge, which will also help save your budget and not spend on shipping costs. For maximum savings, you can find offers from various services with a refund of a small percentage of the money spent through the “Cashback” option.

Another important factor in favor of buying on Aliexpress is the buyer’s protection function. The option applies to absolutely all products and works according to the following principle:

  • the funds transferred for the goods do not immediately go to the seller’s account, after payment they will be withheld on the balance of the trading platform;
  • if after the expiration of the delivery period the equipment has not arrived, the money will be returned to the buyer’s account;
  • the arrived product does not correspond to the description or came with a marriage, in which case you can return part of the money spent, or if the equipment is faulty, then the entire amount;
  • The money will be credited to the seller’s account only after the buyer confirms that the goods have been received in good condition.

Based on these points, we can conclude that both parties are interested in good quality goods.

TOP 7 best farms for mining on Aliexpress

Several hundred different models of ready-made equipment are presented on the site, ranging from the cheapest options up to 70$ and ending with full-fledged complexes for the extraction of cryptocurrency, worth more than 1500$. Based on feedback from real buyers and tests carried out, a rating was compiled of the best miners with Aliexpress in different price categories.



A modified model of the original S9 generator, featuring increased data processing speed and the ability to work with several algorithms at the same time. Supplied with power supply BITMAIN APW3. Main characteristics:

  • hash rate 17 TH / s;
  • power consumption 1360W;
  • SHA256, BTC, and BCH support;
  • there is an Ethernet controller;
  • weight 4.56 kg.

WhatsMiner M31S


A powerful generator, smaller in size than a full-fledged farm built on several video cards, but generating a lot of profit. The production involved 444 microcircuits installed on three boards. The delivery set includes a power supply unit designed for an operating range of 176 to 264 Volts. Fast delivery and 3 months warranty from the seller. Main characteristics of the device:

  • hash rate 78 TH / s;
  • power consumption 3360W;
  • SHA256 support;
  • Ethernet network connection;
  • 8nm microcircuit production technology;
  • weight 10.5 kg.

Antminer E3


The most powerful Ethereum mining device on the market. Works using the Ethash algorithm. On the front panel of the generator, there are two massive fans responsible for the high-quality cooling of the entire system, but at the same time, they do not create a high level of noise. Supplied complete with power supply BITMAIN APW3. Main characteristics:

  • hash speed 190 MH / s;
  • Ethash support;
  • power consumption 760W;
  • weight 10 kg.

Whatsminer M3X


A budget option with low noise levels and compact dimensions. Due to the low cost, the technology of manufacturing chips, which are made at 28 nanometers, suffered. This in turn affected energy consumption. A generator with a long time of continuous operation can heat up significantly, standard fans cannot cope with cooling. Specifications:

  • hash rate 12-13 TH / s;
  • power consumption 2100W;
  • the number of chips – 198 pieces;
  • weight 4.1 kg.

Antminer Z9


A mid-range model with high-quality front panel fans with low noise levels. The generator can mine Zcash, BTC, and ZClassic.

Main characteristics:

  • hash rate 42k soul / s;
  • power consumption 1150W;
  • availability of an Ethernet network connection;
  • weight 4.7 kg.

Love core a1


A popular device with an attractive price and good performance. Works with all existing pools when filling in all three addresses. According to reviews of real buyers, the approximate payback will be half a year.

Main characteristics:

  • hash rate 25 TH / s;
  • power consumption 2300W;
  • 10nm microcircuit production technology;
  • weight 4.5 kg.

Antminer S9


Inexpensive device, rectangular in shape with a good cooling system. The front and rear panels are equipped with massive fans that help circulate air flows and significantly reduce the operating temperatures of the equipment. Main characteristics:

  • hash rate 14 TH / s;
  • power consumption 1400W;
  • Ethernet network connection;
  • weight 4.5 kg.
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