Is it worth becoming a Java developer nowadays? 🔥

Is it worth becoming a Java developer nowadays? 🔥 Java

Java appeared in 1995 and is now one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. But does this mean that in 2021 it is worth starting to study it? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Java provides tons of options for starting and developing a career

Almost the entire world uses Java. This language is now everywhere – from smartphones to refrigerators and banking systems. So the possibilities are countless. Businessmen have invested and will continue to invest huge sums in the development and improvement of their products. This means that IT professionals will always have a job.

Java It is also good because knowledge of its basics makes it possible to develop in various directions: from testing to Android development. So even if something doesn’t work out for a novice programmer with development, he can always start writing autotests.

Three main advantages of Java:

  • Powerful community. More than two decades of the language’s existence have formed a large and cohesive community around it. There are many useful libraries that you can use while working on your projects. These two factors help make Java developers’ lives much easier and more productive.
  • Strong typing. The object-orientedness and compilation of the language make it very reliable – and this is the quality that most appeals to customers. And the higher the level of trust in the software you work with, the more orders you will have. 
  • Genuine cross-platform. An application created using Java can be run on all devices: any PC or smartphone, with any OS. And even products created 20 years ago now launch and work without problems.
Is it worth becoming a Java developer nowadays? 🔥

Mastering Java: Where to Start?

For a beginner, the hardest and most important thing is to learn to understand basic things. Everything else can be found in the sea of ​​available documentation. The platforms themselves for running programs on Java already contain all the necessary information. So if you download any platform to your device, you can go to work anywhere – you don’t even need the Internet, since all the documentation will be at your fingertips. Textbooks can also be skipped, because it is enough to be able to use the platform correctly – it has everything you need.

In OOP, libraries are very simple and accessible, so basic knowledge of the English language is enough to understand the code. For example, print will always mean “to print” and the like. Having mastered such uncomplicated constructions, you can count on 50% success, and mastering everything else will not be difficult at all. 

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