Useful tools for web development in 2021 🔥

25 Useful tools for web development in 2021 🔥 - FLOOP 💻 Development

Quickly check the site, test the application, find bugs and improve any project – we offer you more than 25 web tools that will help you in solving these problems.

So that the process of creating code does not stop in an endless search and struggle with errors, but is productive, easy, and enjoyable, you can use a large number of useful and life-simplifying tools. There are a lot of them, but now we want to introduce you to the most relevant services for web development as of early 2021.

For prototypes


Creating and testing prototypes, checking the functioning of blocks and working on the safety of the project – this is not a complete list of what can help you.… All actions are carried out directly in the browser, including making the required changes.

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2. Figma

Using the site Figma developers can create prototypes of pages, taking into account every smallest detail and achieving an accessible and user-friendly image.

Simplify the development process

3. Visual Studio Code 

VS Code compatible with all popular operating systems and allows you to edit, build and debug program code. It has its own repositories, as well as support for Python, Veu, Angular, React, and more.

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When working with JavaScript, pay attention to the service Babel

4. PWA

Progressive Web Apps or Progressive Web Application is a technology that transforms the visuals and functionality of a website into mobile software.


With these programs, you will be able to process structured sources (media files, templates, and text materials), as well as generate HTML files for placement on the server. All data is processed quickly, but interaction with the software is carried out through the command line.

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6. Sketch2Code

To turn a hand-drawn page/site template into HTML, use Sketch2Code from Microsoft. This program greatly simplifies the layout and makes it possible to use ready-made design samples.

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7. Yarn

Site to simplify the assembly of projects Yarn is an alternative to npm, but at the same time functions 20% faster than its counterpart.  

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8.GitHub packages

With this service, you can safely publish and use packages on GitHub. The package registry functionality is constantly being updated. Various kinds of open source packages are also available here.

Media processing

9. FavIcon Generator

On the FavIcon Generator create site favicons. In just a couple of clicks, this online service will provide the user with icons in three sizes.

10. Orion Icon

Awesome library with a variety of icons on a variety of topics. IN the Orion icon there are vector graphics and SVG files. The advantage of the service is that here you can create your own collection for each project.

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11. Fontello

Online service for creating web font format icons. On the Fontello icons are available that the user can edit to design their collection for projects.

Image hosting services

Photo hosting with high quality materials:

12. Flickr– makes it possible to store and use digital pictures and videos.

thirteen. Pexelsallows you to download the image even to unregistered users.

14. 500px– photographs from professionals.


15. Firebug

Firefox plugin Firebug allows you to monitor, debug programs, and change code.

16. Jest

A framework for testing JS code. Jest supports programs in Vue, React, TypeScript, etc.

17. PerfectPixel

Its expansion for the Chrome browser, in which you can compare the page template with the finished project pixel by pixel. Checking the layout is made easier by the fact that PerfectPixel displays a semi-transparent image on top of the HTML page.

18. Funkify

Chrome extension Funkify allows you to see the site the way people with myopia, color blindness, partial blindness and other types of disabilities will perceive it.

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19. Endtest

Endtest Is a leading provider of test automation tools. The platform contains instructions for testing various applications and other useful information.

20. Load Impact

Service Load Impact creates a test load for websites and applications with high traffic. If necessary, the tool can emulate a one-time visit to a resource by over a million users.

21. BugHerd

To debug the site at the development stage, use BugHerd… It analyzes the user-server connection and, if an error is found, gives the developer a detailed comment about the problem. The service is cloud-based, which facilitates the work of a team working remotely and geographically distributed.  

22. Website Vulnerability Scanner

Resource makes a site vulnerability check: just leave the link and you will receive a full report 

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Resource conversion research

23. Google Lighthouse

 Google lighthouse checks the quality of the site: its performance, accessibility, the level of search engine optimization, etc. The report, among other things, will give recommendations on how to improve these indicators.

24. LuckyOrange

Service allows you to track and analyze the actions of users who quickly leave the site. He reproduces their actions and shows, due to what problems, the attention of the audience escapes.  

25. Meta Tags

Portal Meta Tags searches for site metadata and generates it for social media and Google. This tool is needed for SEO-tuning, with the help of which you can attract more users to your resource.

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