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The history of the gaming industry began its record in 1971. Of course, modern games cannot be compared with what the user was offering at that time. Now everyone can choose a video game, focusing on their desires and preferences. Games for children and adults, women and men, intellectual, romantic, “shooters” … This is a great opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle and plunge into the virtual world, get new impressions.

As in any other industry, it has its own leaders. Below you will find a ranking of the world’s best-selling games ever. It includes only the most popular, time-tested. If you still haven’t found your game, you can probably find it here. Let’s start.

10. Red Dead Redemption 2 – over 31 million sales

A game for fans of action adventure. Rather, the second part, which was able to win the love of users around the world. The developer Rockstar Games presented it in 2018 for game consoles, in 2019 – for PC.

The game takes place in the Wild West, it is somewhat reminiscent of a western. The main characters Arthur Morgan and John Marston are members of a criminal gang. They tried to commit a robbery, but this time they were unlucky. Now they are being pursued by bounty hunters and federal agents. An open world game, users can independently explore it, find interesting activities and places. There is a single-player and multiplayer mode, you can play both in the first and in the third person.

9. Wii Sports Resort – over 33 million sales

A simple game for a couple of evenings – this is how users characterize Wii Sports Resort. Nevertheless, this sports simulator has become very popular. It is a collection of mini-games, there are 12 of them. Everyone can visit the paradise island of Wuhu, choose their favorite sport and become a champion.

The developer – the Japanese company “Nintendo” created the game in 2009 (for its own console). It is complemented by a special accessory – a device that increases the accuracy of the joystick, capable of reading hand movements in three dimensions. Fencing, basketball, bowling … Now you can become a cool athlete without leaving your apartment.

Interesting fact. There is an opinion that the game has become megapopular due to the device, which was already mentioned above. The users were not interested in Wii Sports Resort itself, but in the possibility to use the accessory in other types of games.

8. by Mario Kart the Wii – more than 37 million sales

Another Nintendo creation is designed exclusively for the Wii game console. Most of its owners at the time of release were already familiar with Mario Kart, because five parts had already been released earlier.

The game was presented in 2007 and received many accolades. It is called one of the best arcade racing ever. You can choose your favorite character and play as him or even create your own little man. This is a great option for a large company, 12 riders can participate at the same time. Among the vehicles are familiar maps and motorcycles – especially for those who like innovations (as of the release date of the game).

7. the Super by Mario Bros – more than 40 million sales

This game was the first big hit in Nintendo history. She even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the best selling. The game was released in 1985. It was then that Mario became the symbol of the company. He soon became famous all over the world.

The two main characters – the plumber Mario and his brother Luigi, have the opportunity to play with a partner. The heroes are tasked with passing through the Mushroom Kingdom and freeing Princess Peach. To do this, you need to fight the villain Bowser. This game was the favorite of all gamers of the 90s.

6. Pokemon Red and Blue – over 45 million sales

Pokemon Red and Blue also made it to the Guinness Book. The developer is also “Nintendo”, the release year 1996. This game became the starting point in the general Pokémon fever. These creatures soon became popular all over the world.

The mode is multiplayer and single player. Each player acts as a coach. He travels the world, catches Pokemon, records information about them in a special encyclopedia and organizes his team of pocket monsters. The goal is to defeat other trainers and win your region.

5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – over 70 million sales

Massively multiplayer online game, genre – battle royale. The developer is the Korean company Bluehole Studio. She came out in 2016. « PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds » – is an action game. The maximum number of players (up to 100 people) is possible here, each of them must make every effort to survive. All of them receive weapons, the territory is limited, there is no way to escape. Who will win? The one who will stay alive.

4. Wii Sports – over 82 million in sales

This game is officially recognized as the best-selling of all Nintendo projects. Designed for its own console, it came out in 2006. When buying a set-top box, users received a game, it was included in the kit.

What is its essence? Above we have already written about the sequel called “Wii Sports Resort”. There are five sports simulators: golf, bowling, tennis, boxing, baseball. The motion sensor controller provides the most realistic experience possible. With Wii Sports, you can become a top-notch athlete at home.

3. Grand Theft Auto V – over 130 million sales

Most successful Rockstar North project. Released in 2013 (for game consoles), in 2015 it became available for PC . In our rating, it takes only third place, but if you take into account the profit from sales, then the game becomes the leader. No one has had such financial success before.

The three main characters are criminals. They commit daring robberies, hide from law enforcement and fight other criminal gangs. There is a single user mode. Multiplayer allows 30 players to play at the same time. You need to complete 62 missions. Shootouts, fights, car thefts, chases – this game is so addictive that you will want to put off all your business.

2. Minecraft – over 200 million sales

The famous “Minecraft” was developed by Swedish programmer Markuss Persson. This is an indie sandbox building game. Users have the ability to create and destroy fundamental objects, forming their own game world. The playable character has no clear objectives. What actions he will have to perform depends on the user. There are three game modes: survival simulator, creativity and hardcore. With the first mode, everything is clear, the second allows you to focus on the construction of structures without battles with opponents. The third is a sophisticated version of the survival mode, where experienced players can test themselves.

1. Tetris – over 500 million sales

The game developed in the USSR for the computer “Electronics 60”. It was invented by the Soviet programmer Alexei Pazhitnov. This happened in 1984. The game became very popular and soon various versions were created for a great variety of devices.

Tetris needs no introduction. Everyone has played it at least once in his life, trying to fit random figures into the “glass” and win several hundred or thousands of points. The pace of the game gradually increases, and the user loses sooner or later. The game is simple but very addicting. At the moment, it is difficult to talk about specific numbers of copies sold, they are approximate. Even now, updated versions of the good old classics are still being released. Perhaps “Tetris” will hold on to the first place for more than one decade.

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