Top 10 best sports watches for 2020-2021

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There is an opinion that the watch is no longer up-to-date – the time can also be viewed on a smartphone. Those who think so, probably do not know anything about “smart” watches, equipped with a timer, call function, heart rate tracking and other interesting functions. A watch is also a great gift! A sports watch with an impressive range of features can be beautifully presented to your boss for a birthday or as a gift to your loved one. Sports models are in many ways superior to smart watches, they have many useful functions. Manufacturers recommend not forgetting to ask yourself before buying a watch: “Why do I actually need a watch?” After all, you can overpay for features that you don’t need.

So you’ve decided to get yourself the best sports watch? The rating of the best models of 2019-2020 will help you in choosing.

10. Amazfit Stratos 3

Price: from 191 USD.

Just imagine – this watch has 80 modes, you will definitely not get bored with it! The Amazfit brand was founded in 2015 by the Chinese company Huami Technology. The manufacturer has various models of smartwatches, and recently a new product has been added to their line – Amazfit Stratos 3 .

The smartwatch is designed for professional athletes who cannot imagine life without training. The model is equipped with a 1.34-inch round MIP transflective display, which is great for outdoor use. Four physical buttons allow you to select the function you want and operate the device without touching the screen – convenient when running or when your hands are shaking after a long workout.

9. Garmin Forerunner 235

Price: from 242 USD.

Smartwatches are equally suitable for an advanced athlete as well as for an amateur beginner. The Garmin Forerunner 235 collects a wide range of user activity data during exercise.

After the next race, you can find out your heart rate, in addition, looking at the time on a wristwatch is much more convenient than pulling out a smartphone every time. Despite the presence of useful functions, the watch weighs only 2 grams and is not felt on the wrist. When there is not enough lighting, you can instantly turn on the backlight with the side button. The data on the screen is perfectly visible in any weather: cloudy or when the sun is shining brightly.

8. Polar M430

Price: from 185 USD.

The new Polar M430 sports watch easily measures your heart rate from the wrist. Suitable for indoor and outdoor running. When exercising outdoors, a built-in GPS sensor captures the runner’s pace as well as distance and altitude. The buttons in the model are located very conveniently, and you quickly get used to their purpose.

Water resistance in this watch complies with the WR30 standard, which makes it possible to dive with it to a depth of 30 m. The model is presented in different color variations: black, white, green, peach, blue. What color would you choose?

7. Garmin Vivoactive 4

Price: from 370 USD.

Regular health tracking is possible with the Garmin Vivoactive 4 watch. Includes built-in heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, and Body Battery energy monitor. The novelty allows you to track your stress level, sleep indicators, and menstrual cycle. You can take care of your health in style!

In addition, with the Garmin Vivoactive 4, you can forget about bank cards, as the watch includes the contactless payment function 2 Garmin Pay. When jogging or cycling, do not forget about the connection with the world – thanks to the “smart” watch, you will always be in touch with your loved ones.

6. Apple Watch Series 5

Price: from 390 USD.

Ever dreamed of a smart sports watch? Apple Watch Series 5 is a real godsend! In any case, the manufacturer assures us that, and the customer reviews of the watch are quite good. As soon as you buy them, you ask yourself the question: “How did I do without them before?”

What are their main advantages? Installing the watch is easy – through the connection to the iPhone. By the way, this moment must be taken into account – the watch works only with iPhones, with models from 6s and 13 as. On the right side of the model there is a wheel, which is easy to turn, when you press it, a menu opens. The main feature of the model is a built-in pulse oximeter. This sensor allows you to determine the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood. The watch takes measurements throughout the day and warns its owner about changes in health conditions.

5. Polar V800

Price: from 467 USD.

The Polar V800 watch has been appreciated by many athletes and is recommended for use. Basically, users like the accuracy of the pedometer, water resistance (you can safely dive into the water!) And battery life.

For fans of several sports, especially swimming, running, cycling – this model is 100% suitable. The model includes many functions, but their main advantage is the heart rate monitor. Pairing with phone and computer is excellent. This model displays the time it takes to recover before the next workout. The watch sits perfectly on the wrist, does not press, and the presence of a clear display is also pleasing.

4. Garmin Forerunner 935

Price: from 523 USD.

The stylish black Garmin Forerunner 935 notifies you of incoming calls, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, OS X. Garmin first and foremost offers a watch to travelers, but now there is a new – the Garmin Forerunner 935 for athletes.

Due to the small weight of the watch (only 49 grams), you can wear it every day and not feel it on your hand. Monitoring occurs 24/7: heart rate, calories, sleep, steps. A built-in barometer and altimeter track changes in altitude, and there is an electronic compass to determine bearing. The flagship model is perfect for those for whom sport is life.

3. Polar Vantage M

Price: from 275 USD.

With this watch, neither snow nor rain is scary! Polar Vantage M is a watch with water resistance, its water resistance class is WR30, which means that in the watch you can dive to a depth of about 30 meters. The model keeps the battery charge very well, only a few percent can go away for a workout.

The advantages are that the model is equipped with many useful modes, GPS – no complaints, in the watch you can go to the forest and walk around the city even in the fog that covers everything in the area. The heart rate monitor works accurately and the display adjusts to the light. Buyers are pleased with the lack of a touch screen – accidental presses are excluded with it.

2. Suunto 9 Baro

Price: from 655 USD.

The Finnish company Suunto specializes in the production of wristwatches and other precision equipment to make the life of a modern person easier. Not so long ago, a new product was presented – an ultra-stylish device Suunto 9 Baro , a watch for multisport.

The model is capable of tracking up to 120 hours of continuous training. The smart time management function, running on battery power, supports smart notifications, and keeps the charge for a long time, so you can stay active with them for a long time. The many sports modes will be highly appreciated by any athlete.

1. Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro

Price: from 1040 USD.

Our 2020 ranking selection is completed by the Garmin Fenix ​​6 – this is not a separate watch, but a whole line, differing in characteristics, but let’s stop at the Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro .

The 6th generation of “phoenixes” was no exception – it is also advanced in terms of functionality, the watch is equipped with high-frequency sensors that can analyze dozens of sports. In addition, the watch can plan activities, adjust the workout depending on the landscape and the condition of the athlete, and the watch is also compatible with external accessories. The beauty and only!

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