10 smallest cat breeds

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The ancestor of the domestic cat was the wild steppe cat. It is still found in Africa, China, India, the Caucasus and feels great. If you look at this predator, you can see that they are very similar to an ordinary yard cat.

The process of domestication of this animal began 10 thousand years ago, and today more than 700 species of cats are known. As you know, a small dog is a puppy before old age. This also applies to cats.

Small animals cause affection, and not every owner wants to have a huge impudent face at home. Therefore, small cats are popular with lovers of both exotic and simply amazed.

We have studied what types of pets exist in the world and have selected for you the 10 smallest cat breeds in the world: a rating of breeds with photos and names.

10. Bambino

In the early 2000s, the Osborne couple from Arkansas, USA, acquired a funny kitty. It was a sphinx, but with very short legs, and it looked rather diminutive. The couple liked their new pet so much that they decided to breed and sell such animals.

Bambino is the result of crossing a munchkin and a sphinx, its weight is in the range of 2-4 kg. It is Pat Osborne who owns the name. Translated from Italian, this word means “child”.In 2005, the breed was registered, and then it first appeared in Russia.

The official organization TICA does not recognize the bambino as an independent breed, while it is carefully called experimental. In some countries, such crossbreeding is prohibited as cruelty to animals.

9. Munchkin

Information about strange short-legged cats appeared in the 19th century. Scientists were able to study individual individuals, and it turned out that legs, 2-3 times shorter than usual, are the result of a natural mutation. Studies have shown that such a structure does not pose any danger to the animal and does not lead to dangerous diseases, therefore, since 1994, the development of the breed has been carried out under the supervision of TICA.

Munchkins can be either short or long. When they look around, they do not stand up on their hind legs, but sit on their butts, while amusingly dropping their legs along the body. They can sit like that for a long time.

The Munchkins became the ancestors of a whole branch of new types of cats, the results of crossing with this breed. Each has its own name, but collectively they are called dwarves – from the English “gnome”.

8. Singapore

Singapore is a small graceful kitty with a distinctly oriental appearance. It came from street cats living in Asia, or rather, in Singapore. Hence the name.

For the first time outside the country, such courtyard cats became known in the United States, and this happened only in the 20th century. The Americans liked the exotic look of these cats so much that they decided to breed them. Singapura weigh only 2-3 kg, they have a small muscular body, a convex chest and rounded legs.

But the main feature of the breed is its color. It’s called sepia agouti and looks like brown streaks on the ivory base. It is the color that judges pay the most attention to at exhibitions, and its description in the passport takes up the most space. In Singapore, these cats are recognized as a national treasure.

7. Lambkin

Lambkin translates from English as “lamb”, and this word best describes this breed. Miniature cats with curly, like sheep, wool will not leave anyone indifferent.

In addition to wool, lambkins are distinguished by short paws, like those of munchkins. They weigh no more than 3-4 kg, and the color does not have a strict definition. This breed cannot be called established, from the litter still not all kittens inherit the desired traits, and scientists continue to work on the selection.

6. Napoleon

Napoleons are small fluffy cats with kind round eyes. They were bred in the 70s of the 20th century by an American breeder. Once he saw a photo of the Munchkin in a magazine and decided that he also wanted to breed a new breed that would resemble Munchkin and Persians at the same time.

The breeding work took years and was constantly on the verge of collapse. The fact is that the offspring turned out to be sick, the males were not capable of normal reproduction, and the whole event cost a lot of money. Once the breeder even neutered all the cats.

Then other breeders joined, who crossed females with smooth-haired individuals, and completely unusual animals turned out. Small, with thick silky hair and round eyes, on short legs, they took all the best from their ancestors. Including the cost: the price of Napoleons is quite high.

5. Minskin

Minskin is a miniature cat, which features short legs, silky skin and short dense hair on certain parts of the body. Breeding began in 1998 when breeders took the munchkins as a basis and crossed them with other breeds to obtain the desired coat.

Despite the fact that the new species of cats is officially registered, work on fixing the signs of the experimental breed is still underway. The cats turned out to be very agile and fast, despite the short legs. They cannot jump high, but thanks to their dexterity, they can climb to the desired height in other ways.

Basically, these are healthy cats that love an active lifestyle, are very affectionate, and need constant human attention.

4. Skoom

Another curly- haired cat in our top is boredom . Translated from the language of the Indians, its name means ” strong, unbending . ” This is a small cat weighing 2 to 4 kg, covered with thick curly hair, especially on the collar. It was obtained by crossing Munchkin and Laperm.

In 2006, the breed was recognized as experimental, and its representatives remain rare and expensive animals. You can get boredom from breeders in the USA or Europe.

These cats seem incredibly cute, and in fact they are. Affectionate, loving and funny pets.

3. Dwelf

Dwelfs are one of the most unusual and exotic types of cats. Piggies again acted as the basis for breeding these animals, American curls became the second breed. The breed was developed in the USA and is considered experimental.

Dwelfs are small, in size they resemble ordinary adolescent seals, weigh an average of 2 kg, but have the structure of an adult cat. Despite their short legs, they have developed muscles and a powerful neck.

A feature of this breed is not only powerful short legs, lack of hair and a pointed tail, but also large, rounded curved ears, which makes it resemble a fantasy creature.

2. Kinkalow

Kinkalow is a small fluffy cat with curved ears, like those of dwarves. Not surprisingly, they all descend from the same breed – the American Curls. From the representatives of the second breed, Munchkins, Kinkalows, they got short legs and a good-natured disposition.

Kinkalow is recognized as an experimental breed, a lot of selection work is being carried out so that the offspring consistently inherit the necessary traits, and the cats themselves remain very rare and cost decent money.

1. Toy bob

The full name of the breed is Scythian-Toy-Bob , and its representatives look like miniature cats with a short tail and color like Siamese cats. Today, some federations allow other colors, but the breed was originally conceived, bred and described with just this.

This is the smallest kitty in the world, its weight ranges from 1.5-2 kg, while in the official descriptions it is noted that the weight should not exceed 2 kg. According to the breeders, toy beans are very affectionate and loyal animals, they are good companions and are loyal to humans.

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