10 interesting facts about cars – our main helpers in the modern world

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A car for a modern person has long become something more than just a mountain of stamped iron that carries him and passengers from point A to B. Today, the car is a cult object that often has a special relationship with the owner.

Unsurprisingly, curiosities have developed in the automotive industry over time. If you thought you knew all the interesting facts about cars, then most likely you were wrong.

Whether it’s the longest traffic jam or interesting world records, car fans can find out about the number one vehicle in this article.

10. The fastest and most expensive car in the world

The fastest car broke the sound barrier at 1227.985 km / h . The most expensive car was sold for 60 million euros. The most spacious car in the world was presented in 2010 – then it fit 16 women. And this only applies to the seats for the driver and front passenger.

9. The popularity of electric cars in Norway

There is no doubt that the environment today needs our protection. In Norway, the public’s concern for nature is manifested by the popularization of electric vehicles. Not only can the drivers of these cars park anywhere for free, but they also do not have to pay money for the ferry. In addition, they are allowed to use lanes exclusively for buses.

8. Some interesting statistics

Everyone who is born in the zodiac sign Leo is the best driver. Conversely, everyone born under the Taurus zodiac sign is the worst driver.

According to statistics, women are the best drivers because they cause fewer accidents by driving .

Interestingly, most of the cars were stolen during the New Year.

About 10 percent of road traffic accidents are caused by abusive smartphone use while driving.

The world’s longest super-dense traffic jam was recorded in 1980 on a 176-kilometer stretch between Lyon and Paris.

Survey results show that 4 out of 5 drivers sing on the road.

7. The first traffic lights were very explosive

Today every driver knows what a classic traffic light looks like. However, they weren’t always safe. The very first traffic light in the world was installed in London in 1868. The problem was that this unit had a high degree of explosion hazard . The police had to operate this gas lamp manually. In 1869, an officer on duty received severe burns while working with such a traffic light.

6. Miracle of Japanese architecture

If you have the opportunity to travel to Japan, you should take a look at the Gate Tower Building. It is located in the Fukushima area of ​​Osaka. What’s strange about this building is its architecture. A highway passes through the building (from the 5th to the 7th floor). The highway is built like a bridge and does not touch the building. The bridge pillars are also located next to the office tower. This area is well soundproofed, so the noise of passing cars does not distract office workers from their work.

5. Henry Ford changed the auto industry

Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive market with his idea of ​​an affordable car for everyone . Henry Ford is one of the names inextricably linked to the automotive industry. He revolutionized automotive engineering and changed the lives of many people.

However, he didn’t just do it to create an affordable car. Ford was also convinced that work alone does not make a person happy. That is why he was the first big business man to let his employees rest two days a week.

4. The first driving license and the first violation of the speed limit

On August 1, 1888, the inventor of the automobile, Karl Benz, received his first driver’s license . The Grand Duke’s District Office in Mannheim thus authorized him to “test drive the patented vehicle.” The inventor did not have to take an exam, but perhaps thanks to this “driver’s license” we can drive a car today.

Incredibly, the first-ever recorded speeding offender was fined 13 km / h. The thing is that in 1896, the speed limit for cars within the localities of Great Britain was no more than 3 km / h.

However, novice motorist Walter Arnold, who recently bought his first self-propelled vehicle in his life, did not recognize any restrictions for himself. One day he decided to figure out what maximum speed his toy could develop. Having accelerated to 13 km / h, he was fined by the officers of the order.

The most interesting thing in this story is that, as in the present, then the policeman also had to catch up with the offender. But he only did it on a regular bike. Pedaling very quickly, the servant of the law also had to develop a speed of up to 13 km / h. By the way, the first speeding ticket was 1 shilling 26 pence.

3. Parking your car on the moon

During NASA’s legendary missions, a total of three vehicles drove around the moon. The electrically powered Lunar Roving Vehicles supported astronauts as a means of transportation and cargo transportation. Since they could not be returned to Earth, they are now parked on the Moon forever. In some cases, they can even be detected through a telescope.

2. The Queen of Britain is a truck driver

Queen Elizabeth II is passionate about driving. She has been an avid motorist for over 70 years. In fact, she has never passed an official driving test, although the Queen does not need it, the “Royal Prerogative” gives her royal sovereignty without car license plates.

By the way, the queen was a truck driver in the ranks of the British army during World War II .

1. USA – the record holder for the number and duration of traffic jams

It’s no secret that we are all unhappy with the endless traffic jams in the big cities of our vast homeland. This is especially felt in Moscow, where you can spend several hours in a traffic jam. However, not many people know that Russia is not yet a record holder in the length of these traffic jams.

It has now been established that US citizens spend most of their time in such auto-writers. Thus, according to the study, every motorist in the United States spends on average about 38 hours of his time in traffic jams a year .

Believe it or not, the longest traffic jam in history lasted 12 days! In 2010, drivers were stuck 100 kilometers between Beijing and Tibet due to a car accident.

In general, according to scientists, more than 90% of modern personal cars stand, rather than move, most of the time. So, the car that we purchase for movement, for the most part of its life, stands motionless, waiting for us in the garage, in the parking lot, or just in the yard of our house.

Of course, these are averages. There are motorists who use their car to the maximum, but such people are in the minority.

Therefore, when it once again comes to mind to drop a fabulous sum on a brand new car, think about whether it needs to be done. Will it turn out that most of the time the new toy will be covered with dust somewhere, and not ride.

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