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We are sure that you will want to watch the films from our list over and over again, enjoying the quality work of the directors and the entire crew, as well as discovering new meanings in the films. These films have received high ratings from critics and have a special place in the collection for many moviegoers.

The Shawshank Redemption, for example, is named by Morgan Freeman the best film he has ever starred in, and Stephen King’s 1994 film is called the best film adaptation of his book. Let’s believe the artists who recognized the films from our list as the “Best in the World” that everyone should watch at least once in their life!

10. Silence of the Lambs (1990)

They say that films of the 90s have a special energy that no modern director can repeat. Probably so, judging by the number of times many viewers have watched The Silence of the Lambs , a film about a man-eater and a young girl who got a job at the FBI.

The psychopath kidnaps and kills girls throughout the American Midwest. Who can help better than a skilled prisoner maniac who can figure out the psychological motives of a serial killer? Hannibal Lecter agrees to meet with Clarissa, but on one condition – the girl must fill him with imaginations of the details of her personal life … Can Clarissa survive the pressure that will happen to her because of Lecter?

9. The Pianist (2002)

If you prefer clever dramas and enjoy a bitter yet sublime aftertaste after the end credits, you should definitely check out The Pianist. This is a story about music, a supreme gift that saved a prisoner.

The biography film about Vladislav Shpilman takes us to Poland in the 1930s. The main character of the film is the pianist Vladek, who did what he loved before the Nazis occupied Poland. The life of all Jews, including his, is changing dramatically. Jews are closed in the Warsaw ghetto, now they have to live by order. Soon they are transported to a concentration camp, and there is only one thing left – to believe that one day this nightmare will end.

8. Until I played in the box (2007)

Even if you don’t really recognize the genre of “comedy”, you should still watch the movie ” Until I Played in the Box ” with the brilliant actors Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. They managed to convey the despair that people face when they learn that they have cancer.

Two neighbors with cancer realized that they had missed a lot of opportunities in their lives, but they still have time to catch up. The two men are very different: one is a billionaire, and the other is an erudite auto mechanic, but they share a common grief. Men create a list of things to do before they die. They set off on a trip around the world that promises to be unforgettable!

7. Meet Joe Black (1998)

The film is excellent. In the sense that it is hard not to notice it. As you read the film’s annotation, you might think, “What nonsense! Death defeated by love … “But as soon as you start your journey around the world in the film” Meet Joe Black “, this question will disappear by itself …

Death appears in the life of a businessman, dressed in the charming Joe Black. Death, tired of his usual duties, offers Parrish to make a deal – the businessman will have to accompany him in the world of the living, but after the vacation, he will take him with him. Death begins to explore the mortal Earth, accompanied by Parrish …

6. American Beauty (1999)

At first glance, the plot is rather trivial, but as you watch ” American Beauty “, you can get into the main characters and find topics that are interesting to ponder over. Almost everyone in this film wants to either be an “American beauty” or have one.

Lester began a difficult period in his life: he is not appreciated at work, and family happiness is only visible. His wife is having an affair with a work colleague, and his daughter is going crazy over a neighbor boy who recently left a psychiatric clinic. Lester, tormented by emotional distress, falls into depression. One day he meets a friend of his teenage daughter and falls in love with her. What will Lester do with his feelings?

5. Route 60 (2001)

It is known that good-natured creatures can fulfill any desires and appear when someone needs their help. But Grant is an unusual wizard, he is a real prankster! It’s amazing how such a good film went unnoticed – it didn’t go out to the public and it didn’t have any ads. Take a look at “ Route 60 ”, you will definitely not regret it.

Grant knows how to fulfill any desires, but he is a very mischievous person. One day he is met by Neil Oliver. He is quite happy with his life, but in his dreams, a mysterious stranger began to appear to him, which he cannot forget … Grant invites him to go along Route 60, which is not on any map of the world, and Neil rushes into the pool headlong into a dangerous adventure to find the girl from your dreams.

4. Military diver (2000)

The film-biography about a dark-skinned diver ” Military Diver ” will brighten up your leisure perfectly and may even make you cry. Instead of motivating YouTube videos on achieving your goal, watch this movie – it motivates you much more!

Officer and mentor Karl Brashear are convinced that blacks have no place in the navy and are trying with all his might to undermine his newcomer’s faith in himself. However, Brashear does not give up, and the senior officer takes a liking to him. They become friends and together fight back bureaucrats who are not happy with Karl Brashear’s skin color. Karl agrees to the riskiest tests, not realizing that the most difficult test is yet to come …

3. Forrest Gamp (1994)

In the film, Forrest Gump fulfills the American Dream. If you are not ready to pay for business training, sit back on the couch and receive a guide on how to get what you want for free for 2.5 hours. Based on the novel by Winston Groom, this film became a hit in 2004.

Forrest Gump is a feeble-minded and harmless man with a wide-open heart. In a fantastic way, he becomes a famous footballer, war hero, and successful businessman. Despite the huge fortune that he managed to earn in the same fantastic way, Gump is still an ingenious and kind guy. Forrest has a bright future ahead of him, and he still dreams of the girl he was in love with as a child.

2. Green Book (2018)

The film, whose lightness of irony hides a deep meaning, is worth watching at least once in a lifetime. ” Green Book ” is far from a blockbuster, but addictive from the first minutes. How did Peter Farinelli manage to shoot such an addictive picture?

The 1960s. When the New York club was closed for renovations, Tony Chatterbox began looking for a part-time job. At the same time, Don Shirley, a talented black musician playing classics, is touring the southern states and needs a driver. The musician hires Tony. The two don’t seem to have anything in common, but the trip together will change their lives forever.

1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The cult film “The Shawshank Redemption ” looks like a breeze. You will not be able to tear yourself away from the screen for a second – the scriptwriters, directors, and directors have tried very hard for this. According to moviegoers, the film based on the work of King surpassed the literary work. Is it so? You decide.

The accountant was accused of murdering his wife and her lover, and, as you might guess, was sent to jail. Once in prison, a man is faced with cruelty and lawlessness and clearly understands for himself that he is not going to stay here. Andy finds friends in the prison not only among the prisoners, but also guards, thanks to whom he can get out into the wild.

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