10 best go-kart tracks in the world

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They say that tiny car racing was invented by bored aircraft mechanics. Awkward boxes, on which the driver could barely fit, were equipped with motors from lawnmowers. It was possible to drive only on a flat road, but they drove dashingly!

Over time, karting has developed into a full-fledged motor sport. A modern kart can cost more than another car. And to hold races, you have to build special tracks – karting tracks. The cars are tiny, so the coating should be very even. But incredibly nimble – this allows you to build tracks in a small area. Entertainment only benefits from this!

10. Monticello (Florida)

Famous champion of “big” races, in which big cars circle non-stop, winding exactly 500 miles on wheels – Juan Pablo Montoya. His father, Juan Montoya, is known for creating one of the most interesting karting circuits.

The Monticello track (USA, Florida) has a length of about one and a half kilometers, during which it dashingly winds along 19 turns of different steepness and difficulty. A track for those who enjoy the taxiing process itself.

9. Monarto (Australia)

The most popular Australian track located in the city of Monarto. The most difficult track contains about twenty turns and five long straight sections. It can be configured for both high-speed races near the ring, and for grueling long races with sharp turns.

The complexity of the track is given by the fact that it is located on a flat area. This dulls vigilance when accelerating on a straight line and makes it difficult to navigate unexpectedly sharp bends. By the way, there are no bends on it, only horizontal!

8. Mosport International (Ontario)

Near the town of Baumanville (Canada) there is an interesting Mosport track (this is how the historical name of the complex was shortened – “MotorSport”). There are only ten turns, but the total length is almost four kilometers.

The track is regularly used not only for karting competitions, but also for “adult” formula races. And for ten years (from 1967 to 1977), even Formula 1 races were held at this karting track.

7. “Track” (Missouri)

This is a whole complex, which you can safely come to with a large company and even a family. Fourteen tracks of various configurations, lengths and complexity – there is plenty to choose from.

One of the configurations includes a truly spectacular descent – in a smooth turn, the kart driver rolls down from a height of more than ten meters. No roller coaster can compare with this kind of entertainment. A convenient hotel complex and an amusement park are located nearby.

6. Fastimes (Indiana)

The track is small, there are few straight sections. What can attract to this karting track? Oddly enough, it is precisely its compactness.

The complex includes several tracks, mixed on several levels of a huge hangar. This is a real tangled ball of tracks!

If you happen to visit Indianapolis to admire the famous Indy 500 races, you should definitely visit this hefty hangar near the “big” track.

5. Extreme (New Zealand)

This complex is somewhat similar to Fasttime. Also an indoor karting track, also located next to a large race track. But there are also peculiarities.

Compared to the giant located in Indianapolis, this go-kart center is pretty compact. Only three levels, the intertwining of the tracks is not so exciting. But for family races, it has a couple of attractive features: a cozy hotel complex, a restaurant and – most importantly, why children come there – a breathtaking dark and cool underground tunnel about halfway through the race!

4. Dubai Autodrome (Dubai, UAE)

Arab sheikhs, if they do something, do it with a truly royal scale. Does everyone have karting tracks? And I will have the biggest!

Located near the capital of the Emirates, the complex of racing tracks, car services, hotels and personal garages is not only a place of pilgrimage for Arab racers, but also invariably attracts tourists.

The size, quality and impeccable maintenance of the tracks allows not only to hold competitions of different car classes, but also to come up with purely your own, branded types of races. The “trick” of this Arab complex is the international races for the duration: 12-hour races and races lasting exactly a day.

3. Jim Hall Track Time (California)

A fun track that has not only a combination of long straight sections with a variety of turns. Like the Monarto track, the complex allows you to arbitrarily change the configuration of the races. Located in the open air, the track has a wide asphalt surface and spacious sandy ramps.

The layout of straight sections, turns and intersections allows you to build both primitive “rings” and the most complex “snakes” and even tracks, which racers call “abracadabra”.

On such a track, it may come as a complete surprise to approach an intersection, on the other side of which another rider is approaching. Try it, figure it out! An excellent place for entertaining races of any complexity.

2. The Kart Kountry (Shepherdsville, Kentucky)

The rather long (two and a half kilometers) American track is not distinguished by the opportunity to arrange amusing entertaining races. There are only two possible configurations. But this road meanders like a real rattlesnake and is just as treacherous.

After a long section with excellent acceleration, the pilot suddenly sees a “dangerous turn” sign approaching from behind the bushes, after which an exhausting snake begins in a dozen turns in a row. And – overclocking again. And so five times!

1. Lydd Kart Circuit (UK)

Twenty turns. Five fillets. Five high-speed sections. Eight intersections. Rich set! It allows you to build a wide variety of race configurations, and even carry out short “acceleration runs” in a straight line 500 meters long.

Located near the town of Lydd (Kent), the track completely occupies an island in the middle of a local lake. More precisely, the peninsula – for access to the highway, a wide dam was specially dumped.

The quality of the track, the accuracy of its content, and the pedantry of the organizers made this karting complex practically the official Mecca of British karting fans. Of course, this cannot but attract foreign karting drivers. The changeable weather of the gloomy seaside town will bring the pepper to the thrill-seekers.

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