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Marilyn Monroe is not just an actress. This is a woman who has achieved tremendous success. She became a cult of American cinema, however, the same can be said even about world culture.

Filmography of Marilyn – three dozen films in which she managed to play. Considering that the actress passed away at the age of 36, that’s quite a lot. In the 50s, Monroe was one of the most sought-after actresses. Unfortunately, she failed to fully demonstrate her talent. She was offered the same type of role. She had to play stupid and charming blondes, although Marilyn dreamed of becoming a serious actress. She never got rid of the role of a beauty who does not shine with intelligence. This is how the audience remembered her.

If you, too, are a fan of this actress or just love old movies, we invite you to rate our selection of the best films by Marilyn Monroe.

10. The Restless (1961)

Marilyn’s last completed film. Not the most famous, few people know about him.

It’s a comedy, but it brings tears to most viewers. Pretty Roslyn comes to a small town to divorce her husband. Together with her friend, she meets cowboys who offer women to relax on their ranches. A third cowboy joins the company. Men are going to go hunting for mustangs, and Roslyn … She longs for human warmth and loyalty, ordinary female happiness.

A sad story of loneliness, saturated with an atmosphere of hopelessness.

9. Marilyn Monroe. “I’m afraid … (2008)

A documentary about Monroe. The book is based on Michel Schneider’s book “Marilyn, The Last Sessions”. The film is based on newsreel materials. Fragments from filming, public speeches – video files. Audio materials – recordings of conversations between the actress and her psychoanalyst. Viewers will be able to find out what this famous woman was afraid of, about her problems and mental rushes. A frivolous beauty? Just an image. Marilyn Monroe is sexy and popular. Norma Jean (the real name of the actress) dreamed of a different life, of a reliable man and children. The struggle between the two entities led to a tragedy. Monroe was unable to handle this load. She found salvation in alcohol and drugs …

8. The Seven Year Itch (1955)

An adaptation of a Broadway play, one of Marilyn’s most famous films. Surprisingly, the key moment was the episode where the air flow flutters the wide skirt of the film’s heroine, played by Monroe. Even those who have not seen this film are familiar with this beautiful picture.

Richard Sherman is a book publisher. Every year he is given the opportunity to take a break from his family, his wife and son go out of town on vacation. Richard is not very happy about the forced loneliness, but this time it will be different. He meets his adorable neighbor, an advertising model. The girl amazes him with her beauty. A man dreams of a beauty and gives free rein to his imagination. In them, he has already won a neighbor, his spouse learns about Richard’s infidelity, a scandal, quarrels … There is only one way to avoid all this – to run as quickly as possible.

7. Let’s Make Love (1960)

Musical comedy. Critics of the 60s said that the film was based on a banal plot – the story of Cinderella.

The main character, billionaire Jean-Marc Clement, finds out the unpleasant news. The theater is preparing a new musical, where they want to ridicule the vices of the loving rich man known for his adventures. When he comes to the theater, the man is mistaken for the double of a billionaire and is offered the role. Richard could have refused, but the actress Amanda caught his attention. He fell in love and is ready to do anything for the girl to reciprocate. The billionaire decides to pretend to be poor and amaze Amanda with his acting skills. There are many talented actors in the theater, the competition is too high. Richard has no choice, he decides to use his main advantage …

6. Something Must Happen (1962)

The unfinished work of George Cukor. The story of Nick Arden and his wives. Nick’s first wife Ellen is missing. Five years later, he will marry a second time. Returning from his honeymoon trip, he finds Ellen at home. She has to play the role of the governess of her own children …

With Marilyn, 7.5 minutes of the film was shot. She was sick a lot, and the director even wanted to replace her, but Dim Martin (Nick Arden) refused to continue shooting with another actress. Monroe was offered a huge fee ($ 500,000). Work on the film was planned to resume in October, but the actress died.

The audience was able to see the film only in 2001, a short video of 37 minutes was edited from the footage. It was shown to the public in honor of Monroe’s 75th birthday.

5. Leader of the Redskins and others (1952)

An adventure comedy that features five short stories. The film is based on the stories of the American writer O. Henry.

Marilyn starred in the episode “Pharaoh and the Chorale”, where she played a girl of easy virtue.

4. How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

History is as old as the world. Three beautiful models hope to solve their financial problems through a profitable marriage. To do this, you just need to find rich suitors. Women decide to rent a luxury penthouse to attract the attention of potential husbands. Until millionaires offer girls their hearts and wallets, they have to survive on their own. Beauties start selling furniture. The penthouse is getting more spacious every day, but there are still no suitors. Will at least one of them be able to achieve the goal and marry the prince?

3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Glylywood’s musical hit of the 50s. Two singers Dorothy and Laurel go on tour on a cruise ship. Destination – Paris. The girls are friends, and only on one issue their views differ. Dorothy believes in love and thinks that you can only become happy with your loved one. Loreli, on the other hand, believes that the most important thing in life is money, you need to get married according to calculation. Which one is right? You will find out the answer to this question if you watch the most famous film with the participation of Marilyn.

2. All About Eve (1950)

One of the first films by Monroe, where she played a cameo role of a young and ambitious beauty.

The film tells the story of an aging actress. She worries that fame will fade, and fans will forget about her. Soon a young girl is crammed into her assistant. She pretends to be a fan of the star, but in reality is only waiting for an opportunity to take her place.

Of course, this film does not reveal the full potential of Marilyn, her role is insignificant. If you want to see the actress at the beginning of the journey, be sure to check it out.

1. Only girls in jazz (1959)

A musical film that was a resounding box office success. In the center of the plot are two musicians who not only lost their jobs but also got into an unpleasant situation. They witnessed the murder and are now being hunted by bandits. To avoid the sad fate, Joe and Jerry decide to pretend to be women and get a job in the ladies’ orchestra, which gives performances all over the world. They are now Daphne and Josephine. They will never forget this tour …

Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, but even now this actress is still remembered and loved. Fans of her work are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the film “Blonde”. It will take place in 2021, but it’s too early to talk about the exact date. The biography is based on the novel of the same name by the American writer Joyce Carol Oates.

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