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The it sphere is developing as quickly as possible. We will tell you about the 10 most demanded IT professions that will retain or gain popularity in the near future in this article.

All IT giants have been chasing IT specialists for a long time. True, only the really best specialists in specific areas are especially appreciated. The value of individual professions is difficult to overestimate, professionals in their field are highly paid and have a colossal perspective, at least for another 5 future years. The increase in wages and demand are due to the dense implementation of IT in most spheres of life.

1. Mobile developer

It is a popular specialty today, which is still leading in various ratings in terms of the demand for specialists. There is a huge number of applications around us that we use every day. They have penetrated everywhere: in the sports field, the food industry, tourism and much more.

The trend of introducing applications into everyday life will continue to gain momentum, as many companies continue to develop applications for personal needs or public demand. The demand for specialists in this area is only growing.

2. Project Manager

Robots may soon take over executive functions, and production automation is inevitable. However, you always need a person who will manage and control the whole process. If we consider any team, a manager is still needed, he is responsible for the communication between the customer and the contractor, as well as the quality of the finished product. Scientists predict that millions of such vacancies will appear next year. They will definitely be highly paid.

3. UX designer

Every IT project team should have a good UX designer. The design rule is that design is as important as the usability and functionality of the application. This axiom is applicable to any program, website, mobile application, etc. Skillful UX specialists can successfully organize the interface so that it becomes clear, logical enough and easy to use.

With the subsequent development of IT, convenient projects will completely oust “crooked” solutions from the market.

4. Mobile marketer

The word mobile does not mean the possibility of moving a specialist itself, but his professional orientation. The increase in the number of ad formats on websites, search engines and social media has led to an increase in demand for marketers. 

The tendency to automate the entire procedure of buying, selling and installing advertising videos, banners only leads to an increase in the need for specialists in this field.

5. Datascientist

There is no longer a rating of in-demand professions, wherever a specialist working with artificial intelligence appears. Futurologists make a bold forecast that soon robots will become not a luxury or a subject of research, but the everyday life of a person. 

Machine learning continues to gain momentum, therefore, you can definitely not worry about the demand for specialists.

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6. IoT engineer

Already in 2009, the number of gadgets exceeded the total number of people on Earth. This led to the need to create networks to combine devices into special groups (not requiring human participation). 

The engineers at internetofthings are called upon to prevent chaos in the world and develop systems to control devices. The first representatives of the direction were smart homes, as well as automated production. The current situation is such that 80-90% of the implemented developments are software products from the West. In Russia, cases are just beginning to appear.

7. Analyst

To make a successful business decision, you need to collect and process millions of gigabytes of data. The multimillion-dollar corporations of the future will necessarily interact with massive amounts of data. 

Professionals who know how to work with a large amount of numbers can count on a good income. The TOP of the most paid IT specialties will probably include people who are able to structure and analyze bigdata.

8. Cloud services integrator

To reduce memory footprint, companies will very soon begin to massively migrate their data to the cloud. Integrators will help them cope with this difficult task. They will be able to find solutions that provide the lowest cost and secure data storage.

9. Digitalskills

Specialists who can and are ready to apply IT for their field are the future of all industries. Further competition will lead to the fact that a company that is able to solve problems here and now, so in every direction, will win. 

Competence and a wide range of knowledge will come into synergy. There will appear many teams of 2-3 developers who will successfully and relatively independently promote the company or their brand.

10. Cybersecurity and network lawyer

One day the virtual and real world will merge together, which will lead to the need for legal regulation of the relationship. Lawyers will appear on the network to protect the rights. Virtual lawyers will have to know not only the legal regulations, but also the laws of VR design.

Diversified and multi-tasking IT employees will also remain a valuable resource. All others who have no idea about programming and have no knowledge of artificial intelligence will remain unclaimed.

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