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How to create your blog, which platform to choose and can you make money on it? Useful information and personal experience in this article.

A blog allows you to express yourself and make money. Blogs are different: from telegram channels to sites like mine. Today I would like to tell you how to create your blog on the Internet and make money on it.

We will discuss the relevance and benefits of this lesson, we will talk about where to start. I will even share a few tips that would help me a lot in the beginning of my journey. Let’s begin!

Why create a blog

When I created this blog, I did not even think that it would bring me money. I hoped so, but there was no firm faith. Everyone around said that this was no longer relevant, that now all niches were occupied and it would be better to go to Yandex.Food.

I just wanted to somehow express myself, put all my thoughts in order and have an outlet. became this outlet. I love this site, I find it cool (although there is still a lot of work to be done and rethinking), and it makes me money.

In short, I enjoy working on the site, and for that I also get paid. It’s cool when you don’t have a bill that drops several tens of thousands of rubles a month. And at the same time, you do not sit for 12 hours somewhere at work, do not listen to complaints from your boss, etc.

You can also benefit from creating a blog. At first, he will just be your outlet, help you pump your skills and just put your thoughts in order. Further, the blog can become a good source of passive income. Then his guidance will be doubly pleasant.

So, 5 reasons to start a blog:

  • Self-development. The blog will help to pump skills and will not let the brain “dry out”;
  • Self-expression. A blog is a good medium for self-expression;
  • Personal brand. You will be able to create a personal brand and use it to earn money;
  • Passive income. Blogging can be a great source of passive income;
  • Communication. Communication with other people will also be enjoyable;

Is it relevant to blog

The issue of relevance worries many novice bloggers. They don’t want to point fingers at the sky and work for nothing. You always want your creation to reach people. I also want feedback and that for all efforts there is some kind of material reward.

So, the answer to this question is yes, it is relevant . Traffic is everywhere: in search engines, social networks, instant messengers. And if there is traffic, then it can be monetized. That is, those who want to create their own blog and make money on it can breathe out. Making money on a blog is quite real. Even now.

Where to blog

Where is it more convenient for you. As I said, there is traffic on almost any platform. Another question is how easy it is to attract this traffic to your source. You can generally combine platforms and get even more traffic.

Platforms can be combined or focused on one. Everywhere there are pros and cons. Personally, I would recommend starting with Medium or your own website.

How to monetize your blog

Most of the monetization of blogs comes from advertising. You either just advertise a product or service for money, or you promote something for a percentage of sales. In the latter case, it is very similar to traffic arbitration . Only here the own site is used as a source.

Direct advertising

With regards to advertising, everything is simple. You negotiate with some company: it pays you money, and you post information. If this is a site, you can place an article, banner or even just a link. For a Vkontakte group or a Telegram channel, a simple post will do.

There is also native advertising . Its essence is that you are advertising something hidden . As if giving a recommendation on my own behalf. Not every user will understand that this is an advertisement and therefore, in some individual cases, it will be more useful.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs allow you to receive a percentage of sales of a product or service. Relatively speaking, someone came to your blog, saw an affiliate link, followed it and bought something. From this amount, you are entitled to a payment. If there are enough such buyers, then this can become a good source of income.

You can promote affiliate programs through your website, and through Yandex.Zen, and through other platforms. In some cases, you may encounter difficulties, but you can always come up with something.

Other ways to monetize

Each site has a bunch of additional monetization methods. Above, I described the most common ones that will work for most platforms at the same time. To make it clearer for you, I will briefly talk about other ways of monetization here.

In general, there are a lot of ways to monetize. It basically comes down to advertising. But nobody forbids you from selling your own products. These can be goods, services, or something else.

You can monetize your blog to the maximum, but then there is a very great chance of harming yourself. Visitors want to read content, and they don’t want to see annoying ads from all cracks. It is important to do everything in moderation.Example:

I have a blog site that I want to monetize. There are many different ways available to me. I can connect contextual advertising from Google and Yandex, place affiliate links in articles and even sell links to other sites so that they can get some of my traffic and higher positions.

Throwing yourself into all seriousness in this matter is not worth it, because the main audience of my site is from search engines. If I monetize my blog too aggressively, then PS can lower my site in positions and I will lose traffic. Then I will lose my income.

Therefore, I need to go to the golden mean. So that the income is adequate, and there is no harm to my site.

For example, I know that search engines are now very punishable by overselling links. This means that I will sell them at a higher price, but in smaller quantities. To make it look like a regular advertisement, for which the PS does not impose sanctions.

The same goes for banners. No need to hang them in hundreds, leaving no living space. This, firstly, will make the site very slow. And, secondly, it can spoil SEO and throw off the site from the top places in the search results.

How to choose a niche for your blog

The answer is simple: write about what you are interested in . There is no need to turn a blog into a routine, nothing good will come of it. Better to focus on your topic and promote it.

It may not be as profitable as others. But on the other hand, you will be interested and you will not feel disgust every time you sit down to write a post or article.

There are a lot of niches for blogs. You can write about finance, you can write about games or movies. Everywhere there is a reader, and everywhere there are ways to monetize that will allow you to receive rewards for your work.

I will highlight a few niches that are especially popular for blogging. Perhaps you will like them too:

  • Travels;
  • Money;
  • Beauty and health;
  • Self-development;
  • IT and programming;
  • Freelance and remote work;
  • Salaried work and HR;
  • Emigration;
  • Plumbing;
  • Etc.

Niches can be combined or new ones can be found. Everything is your will. I will only say that it is better not to write about everything at once.

Firstly, it will not have a very good effect on the promotion (if we are talking about a website, Yandex.Zen or something like that). Secondly, it will be very difficult for you to cover all topics at once.

But, again, if you want to do everything at once – try it. Perhaps this will help you in the end to determine the topic.

How to create your own blog site: step by step instructions

Now I will show you how to create your blog site. If you prefer a different platform, then you don’t need to read further. I will talk about the nuances of creating your own website based on WordPress or any other CMS.

Separate materials will be released about other platforms. In order not to miss them, subscribe to the newsletter or turn on notifications with a bell.

Hosting selection

To host a website you need hosting. There are free options – I highly discourage them, and paid ones. I once talked about the best WordPress hosting . Be sure to check it out.

Domain purchase

You can buy a domain on a wide variety of platforms. Many popular hosting services already provide such a function. So you don’t have to bother and just buy a domain inside the chosen hosting.

In more detail about the purchase of a domain, I told in a separate article: “How and where to buy a domain for a website . ” There is also an overview of popular registrars. I advise you to read.

I also talked about how to get an SSL certificate for a domain absolutely free . It will help you protect your site and improve SEO.

Installing WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS for blogs and information sites. We will consider it. To install WordPress on any hosting, you just need to select it in the list and click “Install”.

In the article: “How to Install WordPress on Shared Hosting – Step-by-Step Instructions” , I described and showed this process in more detail. Everything is quite simple there, but the instructions are easier to follow, so I advise you to take a look.

Customizing and optimizing WordPress

Basic WordPress setup can be done in 15 minutes. But in the future, you will have to constantly finish something, redo it, or even remove it altogether.

Filling your blog with content

There is no definitive advice on content. Just try to do it well.

When creating an article, you must put yourself in the shoes of the reader. It would be interesting for him or not.

Don’t blindly target search engines. Now behavioral factors decide everything. If they are good, search engines put your site higher in the top. If not, the site goes to the bottom.

Be sure to take the time to design. Break the text into paragraphs, add all sorts of graphic elements and pictures. With regards to images, only useful images are needed.

It is better not to add stock nonsense photos, they will only take up space. Try to take a screenshot or just find an image in the search that will be appropriate.

Here are some tips to help you create content:

  • Write in simple language. You don’t need too many complicated words and long sentences. This is good for SEO and improves the readability of texts.
  • Be sure to do fact-checking. You don’t need to misinform your readers by spreading false information.
  • Keep your content up to date and keep it up to date. Time flies by and information can be out of date. Sites with more relevant data will easily knock you out of the top.
  • Take the time to collect the semantic core. It can be ordered on freelance exchanges , from special services, or you can do it yourself. The semantics are very important.
  • Write for people. This is a commonplace mantra, but it really works. First of all, you create content for people, not search engines. If you stick to this rule, then everything will be the way.


Basically, that’s it. In this article, I described in detail how to create your own blog and make money on it. There is nothing complicated here, the main thing to remember is that a blog is like a business. It will not immediately give you profit, you will have to invest a lot at first. But then you can secure yourself a good passive income.

But it still depends on the platform. On the same Zen, you can start in a couple of weeks and bring your channel out for 1-2k rubles a day. It is, of course, difficult, but possible. By the way, I want to write a separate article about this. Therefore, if you are interested, I again suggest subscribing to notifications, or at least adding the site to your bookmarks.

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