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We must say right away that these are by no means common truths, but simply the recommendations of experienced IT specialists, which have been repeatedly tested by those who have decided to connect their lives with development.

We have compiled this collection in order to help novice “fighters” see the main pitfalls of the IT industry and choose the right strategy for development. 

How to choose your first programming language

The beginning is the hardest part. Mastering your first PL, you will get acquainted with machine logic, the basic principles of creating programs and the rules of syntax. When choosing a language, start from the tasks that you want to solve in the future. Now there are many fairly universal languages, so that they can be applied in different areas. 

Having decided on the goal, study the literature, communicate with other programmers on the forums and do not be afraid to ask more experienced like-minded people for help. 

More practice

From the very first steps in programming, try to write code yourself. It is not good practice to simply copy examples from training materials. Always strive to make changes, extend, make the code more tailored to your specific needs. It is impossible to learn programming without practice, because only it allows you to understand the process well, absorb knowledge better and develop faster.

Learn new languages ​​when the need arises

Don’t grab onto everything at once. And start learning a new language when you really need it. Do not try to keep up with the fashion and demand for the language in certain circles. Remember that sooner or later everything changes.

Don’t try to catch two birds with one stone

If you try to learn two or more programming languages ​​at the same time, nothing will remain in your head except for “porridge”. It is especially foolish to strive to become a programmer fluent in a dozen different languages, because for sure you will not succeed. 

Choose for yourself a couple of relevant languages ​​and improve within them to the desired level. This way you will get much more benefit, because there is not a single employer who has conquered the ability to display “Hello, world!” With the help of 10 languages.

First time write code without helpers

Of course, a syntax highlighting and hint editor helps a lot. But at the same time, it relaxes the novice programmer and does not allow him to think for himself. 

Only start using helper libraries and components when you have a good knowledge and skill base. And at first it is desirable to do without “accelerators”, “prompts” and other tricks.

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